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Man 'blown up like a balloon' in accident

5-26-2011 | 27

A New Zealand man suffered a rather unfortunate injury after falling on to a compressed air fitting.


Man blows up balloons with his ears

2-2-2011 | 15

36-year-old Zhang Xijiang has the unusual ability of being able to breath through his ears.

The UFO Phenomenon

1979 UFO was school balloon experiment

1-3-2011 | 2

A UFO detailed in government documents is believed to be the product of a school project.

The UFO Phenomenon

Was the New York UFO a bunch of balloons?

10-17-2010 | 195

It is believed that the object sighted above New York a few days ago was actually a bunch of balloons.

The UFO Phenomenon

Arizona UFO is 'weather balloon'

5-20-2009 | 7

An large flying orb sighted over Arizona this week and which sparked a number of UFO reports has turned out to be a NASA...

Space & Astronomy

NASA may send fleet of spacecraft to Venus

3-20-2009 | 27

NASA could be sending a small fleet of spacecraft to Venus within the next fifteen years, including two high-altitude ba...

The UFO Phenomenon

The Battle of Los Angeles revisited

2-28-2009 | 35

The Battle of Los Angeles occured early on February 25th 1942 when a number of unidentified objects in the sky over the ...

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