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Modern Mysteries

Elusive 'jetpack man' filmed near Los Angeles

 VIDEO  12-28-2020 | 13

A flight instructor flying near Palos Verdes recently captured footage of a jetpack traveling at high speed.

Modern Mysteries

LAX 'jetpack' mystery deepens further still

10-15-2020 | 13

For the second time, pilots have witnessed a 'jetpack' flying at altitude over Los Angeles International Airport.

Modern Mysteries

Airline pilots report 'guy with jetpack' at 3,000ft

9-1-2020 | 19

Two pilots spotted the real-life Rocketeer while coming in to land at Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday.

The UFO Phenomenon

SpaceX launch sparks wave of UFO sightings

 VIDEO  12-23-2017 | 10

Los Angeles residents took to social media in their droves following a recent Falcon 9 launch.


Giant prehistoric sloth unearthed in LA metro

6-3-2017 | 4

A recent excavation in the heart of Los Angeles has yielded evidence of giant prehistoric beasts.

Modern Mysteries

70,000 dead fish wash up in Marina del Rey

5-20-2014 | 48

Authorities are attempting to explain how thousands of fish turned up dead off the Los Angeles coastline.

The UFO Phenomenon

Private investigator films UFO

 VIDEO  12-10-2013 | 20

An investigator watching a building in the early hours managed to film something unusual in the sky.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Paranormal conference to be held in LA

7-18-2009 | 5

Loren Coleman, Linda Godfrey and Barry Conrad will be appearing at a paranormal conference in Los Angeles this August. T...

Science & Technology

New facility turns human waste in to fuel

6-14-2009 | 14

A new startup company outside of Los Angeles has developed a biosolids to energy conversion facility capable of turning ...

The UFO Phenomenon

The Battle of Los Angeles revisited

2-28-2009 | 35

The Battle of Los Angeles occured early on February 25th 1942 when a number of unidentified objects in the sky over the ...

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