Saturday, October 1, 2022
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Creatures, Myths & Legends

New Loch Ness monster footage hailed as 'best in 20 years'

5-3-2022 | 23

A couple who had been visiting Loch Ness recently managed to record something unexplained moving in the water.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Canadian farmer recalls 'terrifying' Bigfoot encounter

5-1-2022 | 48

The creature, which was spotted at a horse farm in Manitoba, prompted an armed response from the locals.


Is an ancient human ancestor hiding in Indonesia ?

4-28-2022 | 39

A controversial new book claims that the hobbit-like Homo floresiensis may not have actually gone extinct.

Science & Technology

Are cold showers really as good for you as Wim Hof claims ?

4-25-2022 | 5

Dutch 'Iceman' Wim Hof has mastered the cold - but can his technique really work for everyone ?


Woman left terrified to go outside after UFO experience

4-25-2022 | 7

A close encounter in 1997 left Sacha Christie scared of leaving the house in fear of being abducted by aliens.

World of the Bizarre

Woman gets stuck after falling head first down a toilet

4-24-2022 | 3

The unfortunate woman ended up needing to be rescued after reaching into the toilet to grab her dropped phone.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Creepy figure shows up in photo at notoriously haunted jail

4-21-2022 | 14

Paranormal investigator Candice Collins maintains that this image shows the spirit of an old man with glasses.

Space & Astronomy

Iowa professor once suggested blowing up the Moon

4-19-2022 | 9

The act of destroying the Moon was put forward as a way to solve many of our planet's problems.

Space & Astronomy

Declassified data reveals interstellar object hit Earth in 2014

4-12-2022 | 24

New data released by the US Space Command (USSC) has confirmed a close encounter with an interstellar visitor.

Nature & Environment

Fisherman catches bizarre 'baby dragon' fish

4-10-2022 | 2

This unusual looking specimen was recently fished up in the Norwegian Sea by fisherman Roman Fedortsov.

Science & Technology

Scientists knock 30 years off the age of a woman's skin

4-8-2022 | 3

A new age reversal technique has proven capable of rejuvenating the skin cells of a 53-year-old woman.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery recordings to be heard for first time in 100 years

4-8-2022 | 3

Many fragile 19th-Century wax cylinders contain audio recordings that have, until now, been impossible to listen to.

Science & Technology

Entire human genome has been sequenced for the first time

4-3-2022 | 2

The feat has finally been achieved 19 years after the Human Genome Project sequenced 92% of it.


Giant camels lived alongside humans up until 27,000 years ago

3-25-2022 | 0

New research has indicated that our ancestors lived alongside these gargantuan mammals until relatively recently.

Space & Astronomy

Is there an 'anti-universe' that runs backwards in time ?

3-20-2022 | 15

A radical new theory aims to solve many of the universe's biggest mysteries, including dark matter.

Ghosts & Hauntings

CCTV footage captures 'ghost' roaming around house

 VIDEO  3-18-2022 | 11

A couple who had been warned about 'demonic entities' in their home managed to record something unusual.


Many prehistoric cave paintings were made by children

3-17-2022 | 6

New research has suggested that the process of creating cave paintings may have been a family affair.

The UFO Phenomenon

Obama Presidential Library has over 26,000 files on UFOs

3-16-2022 | 6

A recent Freedom of Information Act request has highlighted just how many files are still held by the US government.

World of the Bizarre

Real-life bat interrupts screening of 'The Batman'

3-11-2022 | 2

A cinema screening of the Caped Crusader's latest outing was recently interrupted by a rather topical visitor.

World of the Bizarre

Congolese man marries three identical triplets

 VIDEO  3-11-2022 | 22

A 32-year-old man has ended up marrying three identical triplets after all three of them fell in love with him.

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