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Archaeology & History

What happened to the ancient Maya ?

11-12-2012 | 14

A new study suggests that extreme weather conditions may have decimated the ancient Maya civilization.

Modern Mysteries

Mayan people call for end of doomsday myth

10-27-2012 | 36

The Guatamalan government has been accused of perpetuating the doomsday myth for financial gain.

Archaeology & History

What did the ancient Mayas prophecise ?

10-2-2012 | 16

Experts believe that while the Mayas did make prophecies, none of them were about the end of days.

Modern Mysteries

Will the world end within 100 days ?

9-15-2012 | 170

Doomsday theories continue to thrive as the end of the Mayan calendar is now less than 100 days away.

Archaeology & History

Maya temple with giant faces discovered

7-21-2012 | 16

The 1600-year-old Temple of the Night Sun has been located deep within the Guatemalan jungle.

Archaeology & History

How did the ancient Maya deal with drought ?

7-18-2012 | 10

Despite regular dry seasons the Maya found an ingenious way to store enough water to sustain them.

Archaeology & History

New Maya 'end date' monument unearthed

6-29-2012 | 19

The 1,300-year-old text has been found carved in to stone steps at La Corona in Guatemala.

Archaeology & History

Mayan calendar - world doesn't end in 2012

5-11-2012 | 68

The oldest ever Mayan calendar has been unearthed by archaeologists at the Xultun ruins in Guatemala.

Modern Mysteries

Second Mayan 2012 reference found

11-27-2011 | 43

Mexico has acknowledged that more than one reference to 2012 has been found on Mayan artifacts.


Mayan "alien proof" film in the works

9-29-2011 | 81

A new documentary will allegedly provide evidence of alien contact with the ancient Mayan civilization.

Archaeology & History

Lost Maya city revealed in rainforest

4-27-2011 | 9

Three-dimensional mapping has been used to reveal a long lost city in the Guatemalan rain forest.

Archaeology & History

Mayan codex may lead to lost treasure

3-3-2011 | 16

An expert in Mayan writing believes he has deciphered a code that will lead to eight tons of gold.

Archaeology & History

Does Mayan calendar really end in 2012 ?

10-20-2010 | 49

A new book argues that the conversions of Mayan dates may be off by as much as 100 years.

Archaeology & History

Massive Maya city revealed by lasers

5-24-2010 | 23

Lasers have been used to peer through the rain forests and reveal an ancient Maya metropolis in western Belize.

Archaeology & History

Ancient Mayan fountain discovered

3-15-2010 | 7

A Mayan built conduit designed to deliver pressurised water has been unearthed at Palenque in southern Mexico.

Archaeology & History

Ancient Mayans mastered water pressure

12-26-2009 | 7

The ancient Mayans may have been a lot more advanced in the area of running water than previously thought, scientists be...

Archaeology & History

Research disputes Maya collapse belief

12-21-2009 | 1

New research on the Maya civilization which is believed to have collapsed due to its overuse of natural resources and sl...

Archaeology & History

What caused the fall of the Maya ?

10-13-2009 | 14

For over one thousand years the Maya dominated Central America, now scientists believe that their demise may have been s...

Archaeology & History

Mayans 'played' pyramids to make music

9-24-2009 | 3

Sounds like raindrops falling into a bucket of water can be heard while climbing the colossal staircase of Mexico's El C...

Archaeology & History

Did deforestation destroy the Maya ?

4-22-2009 | 1

A new theory proposed as a result of research conducted via satellite has suggested that the Maya could have been devast...

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