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Alien bacteria turns out to be iron deposits

3-21-2011 | 97

What was thought to be fossilised bacteria in a meteorite has turned out to be something more mundane.


NASA scientist discovers alien bacteria ?

3-6-2011 | 97

Dr. Richard B. Hoover claims to have discovered fossil bacteria within a rare class of meteorite.

Science & Technology

Egyptian meteorite crater found on Google

10-3-2010 | 10

An expedition has confirmed the existence of a crater in Egypt discovered on Google Earth.


Double meteorite strike 'killed dinosaurs' ?

8-29-2010 | 9

A new study has suggested that the dinosaurs were wiped out by not one but two massive meteorite impacts.


Methane study boosts hunt for life on Mars

12-9-2009 | 2

British scientists have succeeded in ruling out one of the three possible sources for methane detected in the Martian at...


Martian meteorite returns to spotlight

11-26-2009 | 2

The same NASA team which discovered the famous Martian meteorite thought to contain evidence of microbial life has re-el...

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds holes in roof

11-11-2009 | 5

Emergancy workers have been left baffled in Melbourne after large holes were formed in the roofs of two houses. Police b...

Space & Astronomy

Fiery meteorite hits Latvia

10-26-2009 | 5

An unknown object now believed to be a meteorite has impacted in a small town in Latvia, mystery endures however as at l...

Space & Astronomy

Rain of meteorites makes the moon hum

9-11-2009 | 3

A team of scientists have calculated how much the moon "rings" when it is hit by small meteorites, to date no seismomete...

World of the Bizarre

Boy hit by 30,000mph meteorite

6-13-2009 | 40

A teenager on his way to school looked up to see a white-hot meteorite travelling towards him at 30,000mph, the object s...

Science & Technology

Meteors may have brought life's building blocks

6-8-2009 | 3

It is believed that a massive bombardment of meteorites billions of years ago could have potentially been sufficient to ...

The UFO Phenomenon

Did a UFO collide with Tunguska meteorite ?

5-29-2009 | 38

A Russian scientist has claimed that a UFO deliberately collided with a gigantic meteorite over Tunguska in order to sav...


Do we share DNA roots with alien life ?

4-10-2009 | 25

Patterns found in the formation of amino acids in meteorites and hydrothermal vents indicate that the building blocks of...

Space & Astronomy

Russia to send life to Phobos in new mission

3-3-2009 | 10

In its first mission to Mars in over 10 years Russia plan to send a probe to one of the martian moons Phobos later this ...

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