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Modern man had sex with neanderthals

10-27-2009 | 46

A leading geneticist has stated that neanderthals would have mated with modern man, even though it wasn't clear whether ...


Cave dig unearths important finds

9-14-2009 | 1

A cave in Devon has offered archaeologists a treasure trove of ice age animal remains including hyenas, deer and woolly ...


Downfall of the neanderthals

8-6-2009 | 0

Paleoanthropologists are still working to solve one of the biggest mysteries of our past, what exactly happened to the n...

Science & Technology

Extinct animals could be brought back to life

6-17-2009 | 45

While the idea of bringing extinct species back to life has so far been the subject only of science fiction, thanks to a...


Were Neanderthals hunted to extinction ?

5-18-2009 | 31

A controversial new theory has suggested that the Neanderthals may have died out 30,000 years ago because modern humans ...

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