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Space & Astronomy

NASA celebrates Apollo 11's 50th anniversary

 VIDEO  7-20-2019 | 12

Today marks exactly 50 years since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin touched down on the lunar surface.

World of the Bizarre

Musk Tweets weird Neil Armstrong alien meme

1-4-2019 | 17

The peculiar post targeted conspiracy theorists with a rather humorous play on the late astronaut's name.

Space & Astronomy

Neil Armstrong's collection to go up for auction

7-21-2018 | 3

A number of personal mementos Armstrong took with him to the Moon are set to go up for sale at auction.

Space & Astronomy

Woman sues NASA over vial of Moon dust

6-12-2018 | 0

A woman in Tennessee is claiming ownership of a vial of Moon dust given to her family by Neil Armstrong himself.

Space & Astronomy

Today marks 48 years since first Moon landing

 VIDEO  7-20-2017 | 11

Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong made history when they set foot on the lunar surface 48 years ago today.

Space & Astronomy

Neil Armstrong's bag could fetch up to $4M

5-23-2017 | 4

A bag used by the late astronaut to collect samples during the Apollo 11 mission is to be sold at auction.

Space & Astronomy

Armstrong's secret Apollo stash discovered

2-9-2015 | 31

A bag filled with items brought back from the Apollo 11 mission has been found in Neil Armstrong's house.

Space & Astronomy

45th anniversary of the first moon landing

 VIDEO  7-20-2014 | 47

Today marks exactly 45 years since Neil Armstrong became the first human to set foot on another world.

Space & Astronomy

Lost Apollo 11 samples found in warehouse

5-27-2013 | 9

Samples of Moon dust gathered by Neil Armstrong have turned up after being lost for 40 years.

Space & Astronomy

Neil Armstrong has died

 VIDEO  8-26-2012 | 82

The first human being ever to set foot on another world, Neil Armstrong, has died aged 82.

Space & Astronomy

Neil Armstrong decries US space program

9-27-2011 | 41

The former astronaut condemned the state of the space program as "embarrassing" and "unacceptable."

Space & Astronomy

What happened to the flags on the moon ?

7-9-2011 | 21

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin planted the first flag on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969.

Space & Astronomy

Neil Armstrong speaks out about moonwalk

12-12-2010 | 28

Neil Armstrong has offered new details about the distance he travelled on the moon.

Space & Astronomy

Long-lost Apollo 11 footage found

9-29-2010 | 35

Long-lost footage showing Neil Armstrong descending on to the lunar surface is to be screened in Sydney.

Space & Astronomy

Neil Armstrong blasts Obama's NASA plans

5-23-2010 | 4

Neil Armstrong has blasted President Obama's decision to cancel NASA's plans to return to the moon.

Space & Astronomy

New image shows Armstrong's face

7-22-2009 | 21

A never before seen photograph taken on the moon from the camera mounted on the lunar lander shows Neil Armstrong's face...

Space & Astronomy

Armstrong's 'poetic' slip on Moon

6-5-2009 | 30

A linguistic analysis has confirmed that Neil Armstrong did miss out the "a" in his "one small step for man" speech when...

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