Sunday, October 2, 2022
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The UFO Phenomenon

2021 saw spike in Northern Ireland UFO reports

12-26-2021 | 7

The last 12 months saw a marked increase in the number of unidentified objects spotted over the country.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Cheap Ouija boards removed from sale in UK

10-17-2020 | 66

A budget retailer in Northern Ireland has come under fire for selling inexpensive Ouija boards to young shoppers.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO over Northern Ireland sparks intrigue

 VIDEO  7-21-2020 | 11

A mysterious object caught on film over Annalong earlier this month has been under investigation

World of the Bizarre

Elderly man has a 9cm hole inside his brain

3-13-2018 | 10

The 84-year-old, who is from Northern Ireland, was found to have an air pocket where part of his brain should be.

The UFO Phenomenon

'Shape-shifting' UFO filmed over Belfast

 VIDEO  9-19-2013 | 74

A family in Northern Ireland have filmed a strange object in the skies over the capital this week.

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