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Modern Mysteries

What is behind Norway's Hessdalen lights ?

 VIDEO  5-14-2014 | 30

The valley is home to mysterious hovering orbs of light that have been sighted for more than a century.

World of the Bizarre

Skydiver narrowly avoids meteorite collision

 VIDEO  4-4-2014 | 16

Anders Helstrup had been parachuting over Norway when he was almost hit by a falling space rock.

World of the Bizarre

10-year-old steals car, claims to be a dwarf

2-15-2014 | 19

A 10-year-old from Norway hit the headlines after he stole his family's car and drove more than 10km.

Science & Technology

Giant mirrors light up Norwegian town

10-26-2013 | 12

The town of Rjukan is completely surrounded by tall hills, cutting off direct sunlight during the winter.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO footage from Norway appears online

 VIDEO  7-8-2011 | 50

A man out on a trekking trip near his home town of Nordkjostbotn in Norway has filmed a curious object.

World of the Bizarre

Norway's reindeer fitted with reflectors

12-24-2010 | 4

Reindeer in Norway have been fitted with reflectors this year to prevent them from being hit by cars.

The UFO Phenomenon

Missile test sparks UFO reports in China

1-18-2010 | 2

One month on from the spectacular spirals in Norway a new spate of sightings in China is also being attributed to a missile launch.

The UFO Phenomenon

Did rocket test cause mystery spiral ?

12-10-2009 | 232

It is believed that a failed Russian missile test produced a mysterious spiral in the skies over Norway. The event start...

Metaphysics & Psychology

Superhuman: secrets of the ice man

2-27-2009 | 4

Lewis Gordon Pugh has raised eyebrows and made headline news around the world for his spectacular feats and remarkable r...

Science & Technology

Doomsday seed vault's stores growing

2-20-2009 | 12

The number of seeds stored in Norway's "doomsday" seed vault are continuing to grow with hopes of preserving over 100,00...

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