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World of the Bizarre

Monopoly set in France uses real money

2-6-2015 | 7

Every note in the set has been replaced with actual cash to celebrate the game's 80th anniversary.

Modern Mysteries

Hotel guest finds creepy note in a drawer

12-29-2014 | 25

Amy Jones discovered a message warning her that there was something sinister behind a locked door.

Modern Mysteries

100-year-old notebook found in Antarctica

10-26-2014 | 10

A notebook belonging to a member of Robert Scott's Antarctic expedition team has been found in the ice.

World of the Bizarre

Woman can sing two notes at the same time

 VIDEO  10-7-2014 | 33

German musician Anna-Maria Hefele possesses the remarkable ability to sing two notes simultaneously.

World of the Bizarre

Monkey steals and drops banknotes in India

9-2-2014 | 13

A mischevious monkey turned out to be an unwitting Robin Hood in India's Shimla region at the weekend.

Archaeology & History

'Byzantine iPad' discovered in shipwreck

5-21-2014 | 17

The 1,200-year-old wooden notebook and tool was the ancient equivalent of a modern tablet computer.

Space & Astronomy

Buzz Aldrin's Apollo notes go on sale

3-18-2013 | 4

Notes that Aldrin used during Apollo 11's descent on to the lunar surface in 1969 are to be sold off.

World of the Bizarre

Message in a bottle found after 76 years

1-23-2013 | 17

Geoff Flood discovered the rolled up note inside a bottle washed up on a beach in New Zealand.

World of the Bizarre

Speed violinist voted fastest human on Earth

 VIDEO  11-17-2012 | 17

Violinst Ben Lee has gained the title after playing Flight of the Bumblebee at 15 notes per second.

World of the Bizarre

FEMA runs zombie preparedness campaign

9-9-2012 | 47

Nothing gets the public to take note of emergancy planning procedures like a zombie apocalypse.

Science & Technology

New fingerprint analysis method developed

6-8-2011 | 2

A new use has been discovered in the ever-growing field of nanotechnology: fingerprint analysis.


17th-century witch trial diary goes online

3-6-2011 | 9

A 350-year-old notebook documenting 17th century witchcraft trials in England has been put online.

Metaphysics & Psychology

You can really feel a person's stare

4-11-2010 | 173

A noted psychiatrist has published data suggesting that the eyes emit energy that can be captured and measured.

World of the Bizarre

Bank robber eats demand note on camera

11-24-2009 | 6

A man who entered a bank on Thursday and handed over a note threatening to open fire if he wasn't given the money was la...

Science & Technology

Immortality only 20 years away ?

9-23-2009 | 58

Scientist Ray Kurzweil has claimed that immortality will be a possibility within as little as 20 years due to advancemen...

Modern Mysteries

Fortean author John Keel dies aged 79

7-8-2009 | 6

Noted journalist, writer and author of The Mothman Prophecies John Keel has died aged 79 from heart failure. Keel was on...

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Yeti activity surge noted in Siberia

4-17-2009 | 3

Multiple sightings dating back many years have prompted a surge of interest in the Yeti in Russia's Kemerovo region, a r...

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