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Nature & Environment

Iridescent 'Elvis worms' discovered on sea floor

 VIDEO  5-17-2020 | 4

Researchers have identified four species of bizarre deep-sea worm that have been named after Elvis Presley.

Nature & Environment

New video shows dolphins glowing in the ocean

 VIDEO  4-28-2020 | 8

Photographer Patrick Coyne has captured incredible footage of dolphins swimming in bioluminescent waters.

Nature & Environment

Deep-sea squid 'talk' in the dark by glowing

 VIDEO  4-6-2020 | 0

The Humboldt squid has evolved a novel solution to the problem of communicating in the depths of the ocean.

Science & Technology

LEGO bricks may last 1,300 years in the ocean

3-17-2020 | 19

The world's most popular toy brick has turned out to be more resilient than anyone had thought possible.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Strange creature washes up on Mexico beach

2-15-2020 | 32

This strange eyeless sea beast is rumored to have come from the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

Science & Technology

Scientist proposes damming entire North Sea

2-13-2020 | 24

A Dutch oceanographer has suggested building two gigantic dams as a solution to rising sea levels.

Science & Technology

This is what Earth would be like without oceans

 VIDEO  2-3-2020 | 13

A new NASA video shows a simulation of what would happen if all the world's oceans were to drain away.

Science & Technology

Mystery 'blob' of hot water found in the Pacific

1-6-2020 | 14

A vast swathe of water exhibiting an unexpectedly high temperature has left scientists scratching their heads.


Mass extinction caused long-term disruption

9-30-2019 | 7

A new study has revealed how long it took for the world's oceans to recover after the death of the dinosaurs.

Nature & Environment

'The Thing' discovered beneath the Antarctic

 VIDEO  9-20-2019 | 12

Scientists have discovered a very strange gelatinous creature 3,500 meters beneath the ocean's surface.

Archaeology & History

Mystery 500-year-old wreck found in the Baltic

 VIDEO  7-24-2019 | 4

The incredibly well-preserved wreck of a Renaissance vessel has been discovered on the ocean floor.

Science & Technology

Vast freshwater reservoir found under the ocean

6-24-2019 | 14

Scientists have discovered a giant aquifer of freshwater hidden deep beneath the North Atlantic.

Space & Astronomy

Jupiter's moon Europa is covered in salt

6-14-2019 | 5

Scientists have determined that Europa's ocean may be more like the Earth's oceans than previously thought.

Space & Astronomy

Scientists discover liquid ocean on Pluto

5-21-2019 | 2

The enigmatic dwarf planet has been throwing up no shortage of surprises over the last few years.

World of the Bizarre

Man successfully crosses Atlantic in a barrel

 VIDEO  5-7-2019 | 8

Frenchman Jean-Jacques Savin achieved the ambitious ocean crossing in his custom barrel-shaped capsule.

Nature & Environment

New study finds 200,000 viruses in the ocean

4-28-2019 | 1

It turns out that there are many times more marine viruses in the world's oceans than previously thought.

Nature & Environment

Strange, alien-like jellyfish filmed for first time

 VIDEO  4-26-2019 | 4

Researchers have captured footage of a remarkable, previously unseen type of jellyfish deep beneath the sea.

Nature & Environment

How can sea spiders grow to such huge sizes ?

 VIDEO  4-12-2019 | 3

Scientists have determined how sea creatures living in the depths of the polar oceans become so enormous.

Modern Mysteries

Ocean microphones may have picked up MH370

2-26-2019 | 14

A directional microphone system in the Indian Ocean may have recorded the doomed airliner going down.

Science & Technology

Pacific depths still cooling due to 'Little Ice Age'

 VIDEO  1-6-2019 | 4

Despite global warming, the bottom of the Pacific Ocean is still cooling thanks to a centuries-old cold spell.

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