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Monday, November 29, 2021
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The UFO Phenomenon

Pentagon UFO videos 'only scratch the surface'

4-30-2020 | 531

Former Nevada Senator Harry Reid has spoken out about the Pentagon's recent UFO footage release.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pentagon declassifies US Navy pilot UFO videos

4-28-2020 | 531

The US government has officially released three video clips of unidentified objects recorded by US Navy pilots.

The UFO Phenomenon

Leaked files expose Pentagon's UFO program

2-16-2020 | 5

New details have been revealed about the Pentagon's research into exotic propulsion systems and UFOs.

Science & Technology

Pentagon warns military not to use DNA test kits

12-26-2019 | 35

Government officials have warned that companies may 'exploit genetic materials for questionable purposes'.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pentagon in U-turn over secretive UFO program

12-8-2019 | 12

The US government has completely changed its story over the purpose of its now-cancelled UFO program.

Science & Technology

Pentagon is testing mass surveillance balloons

8-4-2019 | 8

According to FCC documents, the US military has been experimenting with a new type of mass surveillance.


Did the Pentagon attempt to weaponize ticks ?

7-16-2019 | 14

Congress has ordered the Pentagon to reveal whether or not it is responsible for spreading Lyme disease.

Science & Technology

US Special Forces can ID your heartbeat

 VIDEO  7-5-2019 | 7

The Pentagon has developed a device capable of identifying someone from their cardiac signature.

The UFO Phenomenon

Why is the Pentagon interested in UFOs ?

5-18-2019 | 135

Why has the Pentagon suddenly taken such an interest in the reporting and investigation of UFO sightings ?

Space & Astronomy

Pentagon to test space-based weapons by 2023

3-17-2019 | 8

US defense bosses have requested $304 million to fund the research and development of orbital weapons.

The UFO Phenomenon

Secret Pentagon research projects revealed

1-23-2019 | 125

A newly declassified list of top secret US government projects reads like something out of an X-Files episode.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pentagon releases new report on 'Tic-Tac UFO'

 VIDEO  5-27-2018 | 72

The document goes in to more detail about a strange object that was pursued by two fighter jets back in 2004.

Science & Technology

Military laser creates voices out of thin air

 VIDEO  3-24-2018 | 15

The Pentagon has been working on a new non-lethal weapon that can make people hear voices and sounds.

The UFO Phenomenon

AATIP has sparked a renewed interest in UFOs

3-5-2018 | 45

The US government's recent foray in to UFO research has helped to reignite interest in the phenomenon.

Science & Technology

DoD wants to develop autonomous bat-drones

 VIDEO  1-6-2018 | 3

A new competition has been launched to help develop animal-like drones powered by directed-energy beams.

The UFO Phenomenon

Confusion surrounds secret US UFO program

12-30-2017 | 34

Government officials have been offering conflicting answers to questions about the program's objectives.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pentagon ran a secretive $22M UFO program

12-18-2017 | 1092

It has emerged that, until recently, the US government had been running a covert UFO investigation program.

Science & Technology

The Pentagon is working on 'vanishing drones'

10-13-2015 | 5

A new type of military drone could disappear entirely in to thin air after completing its objectives.

Science & Technology

Concerns raised over Pentagon lab viruses

9-15-2015 | 21

CDC inspections have raised red flags over the handling of deadly viruses being kept in government labs.

Science & Technology

Hypersonic air vehicle to be ready by 2023

6-3-2015 | 3

The Pentagon and the US Air Force are working on developing hypersonic weapons and aircraft.

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