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Ancient Mysteries

Drones help to map ancient sites in Peru

8-28-2013 | 5

Archaeologists in Peru are using unmanned military drones to aid in their efforts to map ancient ruins.

Ancient Mysteries

Untouched royal tomb found in Peru

6-28-2013 | 33

The graves of three ancient Wari queens have been unearthed in a rare undisturbed Peruvian tomb.

Science & Technology

Billboard turns air into free drinking water

3-24-2013 | 21

An advertising billboard in Peru produces clean drinking water from the humidity in the air.

Natural World

Mystery surrounds animal deaths in Peru

2-25-2013 | 21

The mysterious demise of dozens of sea creatures on the Peruvian coastline has baffled experts.

Ancient Mysteries

Ancient tomb in Peru built to flood

9-10-2012 | 5

Archaeologists have uncovered an ancient tomb with a basement designed to intentionally flood.

Ancient Mysteries

Ancient popcorn discovered in Peru

1-22-2012 | 13

Some of the oldest known popcorn ever found dating back to 6,000 years has been discovered in Peru.

Ancient Mysteries

'Perfectly intact' remains of 60 people found

12-20-2011 | 13

A 1,100-year-old tomb containing the remains of 60 people has been discovered in Peru.

Ancient Mysteries

12,000 year old textiles found in Peru

4-19-2011 | 6

Ancient rope and textiles found in a Peruvian cave are the oldest ever found in South America.

Modern Mysteries

Mysterious 3km crack appears in Peru

3-1-2011 | 28

The crack which measures up to 100m across is believed not to have been caused by an earthquake.

Ancient Mysteries

Nine Wari tombs discovered in Peru

2-27-2011 | 0

The discovery is being hailed as the most significant historic find in Peru since Machu Picchu.

Ancient Mysteries

Two new geoglyphs found in Nazca

1-21-2011 | 16

Scientists have identified two new geoglpyhs of a human head and an animal in Nazca, Peru.


Mike and Greg Warner plan new expedition

9-10-2010 | 30

In an effort to seek out the giant anaconda Mike and Greg are planning a return to the Peruvian Amazon.

Ancient Mysteries

Lost language found on back of old letter

9-1-2010 | 6

A long lost language from Northern Peru has been found scrawled on the back of a 400-year-old letter.


In search of giant snakes

4-9-2010 | 19

Mike and Greg Warner have released new footage showing evidence of a large snake near a settlement in Peru.

Science & Technology

Fog catchers take water from the air

9-3-2009 | 0

A unique form of water collecting is being used in Peru to help solve the lack of water to be found on the hills surroun...


Peru "giant snake" pictures released

6-13-2009 | 34

Cryptozoology Jon Downes takes a look at photographs sent to the Center for Fortean Zoology from a recent expedition in ...

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