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Hang glider cheats death in terrifying video

 VIDEO  11-27-2018 | 10

Novice hang glider Chris Gursky almost died after his pilot failed to attach his safety harness.

The UFO Phenomenon

Airline pilots encounter UFO over Ireland

11-14-2018 | 50

Irish aviation authorities are investigating reports from multiple pilots of a strange object on November 9th.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pilot vanished during 1978 UFO encounter

7-30-2018 | 24

Frederick Valentich disappeared without a trace after encountering a UFO on a flight to King Island, Tasmania.

Space & Astronomy

Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity reaches 170,000ft

 VIDEO  7-27-2018 | 3

The third rocket-powered test flight of SpaceShipTwo provided its pilots with a spectacular view of our planet.

Space & Astronomy

US startup reveals new flying car prototype

 VIDEO  7-16-2018 | 17

Named BlackFly, the new aerial vehicle doesn't require a pilot's license and will cost the same as a typical SUV.

Modern Mysteries

MH370 crash was deliberate, experts claim

5-15-2018 | 36

An investigation by an Australian TV news program has suggested that the pilot crashed the plane on purpose.

The UFO Phenomenon

Two airline pilots report UFO over Arizona

 VIDEO  4-5-2018 | 25

Two separate airliners encountered an unknown object while flying over the Arizona desert in February.

The UFO Phenomenon

US Navy pilots encounter UFO in new footage

 VIDEO  3-15-2018 | 164

A recently declassified video shows a US Navy jet tracking a fast-moving object along the East Coast.

The UFO Phenomenon

Navy pilot saw object 'not of this world'

12-19-2017 | 470

A former Navy pilot has come forward to describe his encounter with a strange object back in 2004.


Mystery US aircraft crashes in Nevada desert

9-12-2017 | 83

The unknown aircraft, which was being flown by pilot Eric Schultz, went down exactly one week ago.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO dossier covered up using EU legislation

7-6-2017 | 21

The Civil Aviation Authority has been using an EU law to withhold information about pilot UFO sightings.

The UFO Phenomenon

Kurt Russell was mystery Phoenix Lights pilot

 VIDEO  6-19-2017 | 16

The pilot who famously reported witnessing the 1997 Phoenix Lights was actually actor Kurt Russell.

Space & Astronomy

Prototype airplane could one day fly on Mars

8-19-2016 | 5

Students in the US have conducted a successful test flight of a small remotely piloted glider aircraft.

The UFO Phenomenon

Obama's former pilot recalls UFO encounter

4-10-2015 | 62

Veteran pilot Andrew Danziger experienced something unexplained during a flight from Kansas City in 1989.

Science & Technology

Solar plane begins record-breaking flight

3-9-2015 | 7

Two pilots are attempting to fly around the world in a solar powered airplane called Solar Impulse 2.

The UFO Phenomenon

Did ace WWI pilot shoot down a UFO ?

2-27-2015 | 45

German pilot Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen allegedly shot down a 'silver saucer' over Belgium.

Space & Astronomy

NASA proposes a 'cloud city' above Venus

 VIDEO  12-21-2014 | 63

A future manned mission to Venus could see astronauts piloting blimps around the planet's atmosphere.

Space & Astronomy

Pilot dies in Virgin Galactic plane explosion

10-31-2014 | 66

The company's SpaceShipTwo vehicle exploded over the Mojave desert following an 'in-flight anomaly'.

Modern Mysteries

Man seen flying past plane window at 3,500ft

10-21-2014 | 71

The pilots of an Airbus 320 were left perplexed after they saw a man flying past their plane.

Modern Mysteries

Mysterious red glow spotted over the Pacific

8-26-2014 | 106

Two pilots reported seeing a strange but beautiful underwater light show while flying near Kamchatka.

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