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Darwin theory to help find alien life

11-8-2009 | 4

Darwin's theory of evolution could prove vital in the search for alien life. NASA astrobiologists are using evolution as...

Space & Astronomy

Alien worlds spotted outside our galaxy

11-5-2009 | 10

A University student has discovered evidence of extrasolar planets outside of our own galaxy, up until now scientists ha...

Space & Astronomy

Robot armies 'will explore alien worlds'

10-28-2009 | 6

Scientists have said that in the future an army of robotic airships and satellites will visit distant worlds and command...

Space & Astronomy

Scientists discover 32 new exoplanets

10-21-2009 | 3

Scientists have announced the discovery of 32 new extrasolar planets that exist around distant stars beyond our own Sola...

Science & Technology

Hadron Collider could test hyperdrive

10-12-2009 | 9

The Large Hadron Collider could be used to test the principles behind hyperdrive populsion, a potential future technolog...


A new equation for life

9-19-2009 | 4

Astrobiologists are in the process of developing a new mathematical equation to determine how suitable other planets are...

Space & Astronomy

Two worlds collide in deep space

8-12-2009 |

Astronomers have observed two distant planets that collided thousands of years ago in what would have been a catastrophi...

Space & Astronomy

Kepler sees its first exoplanets

8-7-2009 | 2

The Kepler space telescope has discovered its first extrasolar planets. Collecting data on over 50,000 stars during its ...

Space & Astronomy

Is Pluto a planet after all ?

7-30-2009 | 29

State governors in Illinois have declared that Pluto has been unfairly demoted to the category of 'dwarf planet', a sent...

Space & Astronomy

A "one way trip" to the planets

7-22-2009 | 60

A senior NASA official has suggested that in the future volunteers may be wanted to undertake voyages to distant planets...

Science & Technology

Microbe wakes up after 120,000 years

6-16-2009 | 14

Microbes locked within the ice in Greenland for 120,000 years have awoken, the new species of bacteria was found 2 miles...


Telescopes poised to spot air-breathing aliens

5-19-2009 | 2

The upcoming generation of space telescopes will for the first time be able to detect "biosignatures" in the light from ...

Space & Astronomy

Possible Earth-like planets found

4-22-2009 | 19

Two new extrasolar planets have been discovered which appear to be similar to Earth, one is about the correct size and i...


SETI chief claims alien contact within 20 years

4-9-2009 | 13

The chief astronomer of SETI has claimed that mankind will make contact with an intelligent alien race within 20 years. ...

Space & Astronomy

Hidden planet found in old Hubble data

4-3-2009 | 3

Astronomers have developed a new method for finding extrasolar planets in old Hubble Space Telescope images, the new str...

Space & Astronomy

Finding twin Earths is harder than thought

3-24-2009 | 8

NASA's recently launched Kepler spacecraft is on a mission to find Earth-sized planets around distant stars, but once it...

Space & Astronomy

Earth cyclones and Venusian vortices

3-16-2009 | 1

A feature observed in Venusian vortices that matches a similar feature in Earth's own cyclones has revealed how much the...

Space & Astronomy

NASA launches search for second Earth

3-7-2009 | 10

NASA has launched its new Kepler spacecraft, marking the beginning of a three-and-a-half year hunt for planets in distan...

Space & Astronomy

Asteroid belt origins in planet migration

3-1-2009 | 1

The asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter could have been formed during the early solar system when Jupiter and Saturn ...

Space & Astronomy

Is humanity a spacefaring race?

2-28-2009 | 12

Seth Shostak writes about the future of manned space exploration, unmanned probes and the problems we will face in the f...

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