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Space & Astronomy

NASA's SLS rocket engine undergoes test fire

 VIDEO  2-26-2018 | 5

New footage has been released showing the Space Launch System engine reaching 113 percent thrust level.

Space & Astronomy

SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch is a huge success

 VIDEO  2-6-2018 | 86

The world's most powerful rocket has successfully blasted off in to the heavens on its first test flight.

Space & Astronomy

Falcon Heavy set to launch on February 6th

 VIDEO  1-29-2018 | 86

The first test launch of Elon Musk's next generation rocket is set to take place in just over a week.

Space & Astronomy

SpaceX launches mystery government satellite

 VIDEO  1-8-2018 | 20

Code-named Zuma, the secretive satellite was launched in to orbit aboard a Falcon 9 rocket on Sunday night.

Space & Astronomy

Elon Musk really is sending his car to Mars

12-29-2017 | 29

The SpaceX CEO has posted up images of his Tesla Roadster mounted inside the rocket's nose cone.

Space & Astronomy

First images of Falcon Heavy rocket revealed

12-21-2017 | 18

SpaceX has unveiled images of the 'world's most powerful rocket' ahead of its maiden voyage next month.

Space & Astronomy

'Mannequin Skywalker' launch is successful

 VIDEO  12-13-2017 | 25

Private space firm Blue Origin has completed a successful test launch of its rocket and crew capsule.

Space & Astronomy

Boeing is aiming to beat SpaceX to Mars

12-9-2017 | 13

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg has stated that the first human on Mars will have got there on a Boeing rocket.

Space & Astronomy

Elon Musk is planning to send his car to Mars

12-2-2017 | 8

The maiden voyage of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket will carry Musk's own Tesla Roadster in to space.

World of the Bizarre

Flat-Earther to launch himself in a rocket

 VIDEO  11-22-2017 | 93

Self-taught rocket scientist 'Mad' Mike Hughes is hoping to reach 1,800ft in his own steam-powered rocket.

Space & Astronomy

SpaceX to focus on building new Mars rocket

 VIDEO  9-29-2017 | 11

Elon Musk is hoping to land the first astronauts on the surface of Mars within as little as seven years.

Space & Astronomy

'World's most powerful rocket' testing complete

9-5-2017 | 2

SpaceX is preparing to launch its powerful new Falcon Heavy rocket for the first time in November.

Space & Astronomy

SpaceX launches two rockets within 48 hours

 VIDEO  6-26-2017 | 5

The double launch showcased the private space firm's ability to scale up and manage multiple launches.

Space & Astronomy

NASA scraps manned Orion-SLS launch plan

 VIDEO  5-15-2017 | 8

The US space agency has decided against placing astronauts aboard its new rocket on its first launch.

Space & Astronomy

SpaceX successfully tests Falcon Heavy rocket

 VIDEO  5-10-2017 | 8

When complete, the gargantuan new rocket will be capable of carrying a crew of astronauts to Mars.

Space & Astronomy

SpaceX launches first ever recycled rocket

 VIDEO  3-31-2017 | 14

The space firm achieved a major milestone last night by relaunching a previously used rocket booster.

Space & Astronomy

SpaceX Cape Canaveral launch is a success

 VIDEO  2-19-2017 | 12

The private space firm has successfully launched a Falcon 9 rocket from NASA's Kennedy Space Center.

Space & Astronomy

SpaceX successfully launches Falcon 9 rocket

1-15-2017 | 3

The private space firm has resumed operations following the explosion of one of its rockets last year.

Space & Astronomy

SpaceX set to resume launches on January 8th

1-3-2017 | 4

The private space firm is planning to begin launching satellites again following last year's explosion.

Space & Astronomy

SpaceX solves mystery of Falcon 9 explosion

11-5-2016 | 5

The private space firm has finally figured out what caused its rocket to explode back in September.

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