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Ancient Mysteries

Gladiator Colosseum unearthed in Tuscany

11-12-2015 | 13

Archaeologists have discovered the remains of an ancient amphitheater similar to the Colosseum in Rome.

Ancient Mysteries

Pre-Roman era tomb unearthed in Pompeii

 VIDEO  9-22-2015 | 3

A remarkably well preserved tomb has been discovered at the site of the infamous volcanic disaster.

Modern Mysteries

19-year-old is a real-life sleeping beauty

8-23-2015 | 9

Georgia Green from Adelaide suffers from a rare condition that sees her fall asleep for weeks at a time.

Ancient Mysteries

'Lion elevator' restored in Rome's Colosseum

6-10-2015 | 16

The special mechanism used to hoist wild animals in to the world famous arena has now been rebuilt.

Modern Mysteries

Coma patient wakes up speaking French

12-23-2014 | 14

A car accident also left barber Rory Curtis believing that he was Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey.

Science & Technology

English woman wakes up with Italian accent

10-2-2014 | 15

Kath Lockett suffers from an extremely rare condition known as Foreign Accent Syndrome.


'Hobbit' human may have had Down syndrome

8-6-2014 | 20

New doubts have been cast on the idea that a species of small humans lived on the island of Flores.

Ancient Mysteries

Ancient 'end of the world' epidemic revealed

6-19-2014 | 19

Archaeologists have found evidence of an ancient and devastating epidemic of apocalyptic proportions.

Ancient Mysteries

Rome may be 200 years older than thought

4-15-2014 | 12

New archaeological evidence has suggested that Rome was founded two centuries earlier.

Ancient Mysteries

Tomb treasure could rival that of King Tut

3-30-2014 | 8

Archaeologist John Romer believes he has identified the location of the tomb of three Egyptian kings.

Ancient Mysteries

Gladiator school unearthed in Austria

2-27-2014 | 14

Archaeologists have uncovered the first gladiator training facility to be found outside of Rome.

Ancient Mysteries

Geologists map tunnels beneath Rome

12-4-2013 | 4

Undearneath the ancient capital lies a complex labyrinth of tunnels and quarries dating back millennia.

Space & Astronomy

26 black holes found in neighboring galaxy

6-15-2013 | 8

Astronomers have indentified an unprecedented number of black holes in the Andromeda galaxy.

Space & Astronomy

Experiment detects hints of dark matter

4-6-2013 | 8

The space station's Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer has picked up evidence that could indicate dark matter.

Space & Astronomy

Europa's oceans appear to contain salt water

3-8-2013 | 18

The Keck II telescope and OSIRIS spectrometer have revealed new details of what lies in Europa's oceans.


17-year-old girl slept for 64 days

11-19-2012 | 19

Teenager Nicole Delien suffers from a rare sleeping disorder known as 'Sleeping Beauty Syndrome'.

Ancient Mysteries

Giant skeleton from ancient Rome discovered

11-11-2012 | 17

The first complete ancient skeleton of an individual with gigantism has been unearthed near Rome.

Ancient Mysteries

The leaning Colosseum of Rome ?

7-31-2012 | 8

The world famous Colosseum in Rome could be going the same way as the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Space & Astronomy

Andromedia galaxy to collide with Milky Way

6-1-2012 | 25

NASA astronomers have announced that the nearest galaxy is on a collision course with our own.


Cardinal predicts Pope's death within a year

2-11-2012 | 39

The Vatican are investigating the remarkable claim made by Cardinal Paolo Romeo on a visit to China.

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