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Science & Technology

Girl suffers from "sleeping beauty" syndrome

7-18-2011 | 18

A 17-year-old girl is suffering from an unusual disorder that sends her to sleep for weeks at a time.

Natural World

Plan unveiled to end killer bat disease

5-19-2011 | 10

The US has put into action a plan to combat white-nose syndrome before it wipes out all bats.

Ancient Mysteries

Saints buried alive in ancient Rome

4-24-2011 | 11

Two skeletons found in a crypt are believed to be of two saints buried alive almost 2000 years ago.


What the Romans didn't do for Britons

3-22-2011 | 7

An ancient road uncovered in Shropshire has led archaeologists to believe that not all roads led to Rome.

Ancient Mysteries

Tomb of Caligula discovered

1-20-2011 | 21

The lost tomb of the Roman emperor Caligula has been found at Lake Nemi, south of Rome.


'Oldest' images of Christ's apostles found

6-23-2010 | 16

The oldest known images of some of Christ's apostles have been discovered by art restorers in Rome.

The UFO Phenomenon

"UFO" filmed over Rome by Russian tourist

3-6-2010 | 27

A video of a bright orange UFO taken by a tourist in Rome has sparked a great deal of interest all over the web.

Modern Mysteries

Dead woman comes back to life

2-19-2010 | 32

In a classic case of "Lazarus Syndrome" a dead woman who was being prepared for burial suddenly started breathing again.


"Phantom kangaroos" in the United States

6-27-2009 | 12

Taking a look at the "phantom kangaroo" phenomenon, strange carnivorous masupials sighted across the United States as fa...

Space & Astronomy

Lightest known star with exoplanet found

5-31-2009 | 2

Astronomers have discovered the lightest star known to date that has an extrasolar planet orbiting it, this is also the ...

Natural World

Cure found for honey bee colony collapse ?

4-16-2009 | 15

Scientists have for the first time identified and treated what is believed to be the cause of honey bee colony depopulat...

Metaphysics & Psychology

Hallucinations and CBS 'phantasmagoria'

2-7-2009 | 4

It is thought that over 100,000 people in Britain alone suffer from Charles Bonnet Syndrome, a condition that causes hal...

Ancient Mysteries

Is the Roman Pantheon a colossal sundial ?

2-3-2009 | 2

While researching for a new book, Robert Hannah realised upon the possibility that the Pantheon in Rome could be more th...

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