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Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Roswell base photographers speak out

7-27-2013 | 198

The base photographers stationed at Roswell during the UFO incident have spoken out about their experiences.

The UFO Phenomenon

66th anniversary of the Roswell incident

7-8-2013 | 77

Today marks precisely 66 years since the infamous UFO crash took place at Roswell, New Mexico.


Roswell guard ordered to 'shoot to kill'

4-19-2013 | 197

A serviceman tasked with guarding the Roswell debris was ordered to shoot anyone who tried to get near.


Roswell officer speaks from the grave

12-8-2012 | 92

A tape has been unveiled that was recorded by a now deceased officer involved in the Roswell incident.

The UFO Phenomenon

Roswell - were there two crashes ?

8-8-2012 | 321

Retired Air Force Lt. Col. Richard French has claimed that there were two crashes at Roswell in 1947.


Skydiver to jump from edge of space

7-25-2012 | 30

Daredevil Felix Baumgartner is planning to jump from 90,000ft and land in Roswell, New Mexico.


Ex-CIA agent claims Roswell UFO was alien

7-9-2012 | 596

65 years after the event CIA veteran Chase Brandon has claimed that the crash was no weather balloon.


The children who bore witness to Roswell

3-9-2012 | 81

Who were the two children who first came across the Roswell wreckage and what happened to them ?

The UFO Phenomenon

Was there a second 'Roswell incident' ?

3-6-2012 | 46

A new book chronicles how a USAF pilot witnessed a Roswell-like crash near the Rio Grande in 1955.

The UFO Phenomenon

Lie detector confirms Roswell testimonies

12-17-2011 | 102

New software able to determine if someone is lying by analysing words has been used on Roswell witnesses.


Roswell UFO festival drops events

6-26-2011 | 24

The UFO festival in Roswell has had to cut back on the number of events due to a lack of interest.


Was Roswell a Soviet plot to cause US panic ?

5-14-2011 | 438

A new book claims that the Roswell Incident had nothing to do with aliens and was actually a Soviet plot.


FBI releases memo on Roswell UFOs

4-10-2011 | 226

The FBI have made thousands of files available including a memo about the recovery of three alien craft.


Navy officer reveals new Roswell claims

10-13-2010 | 140

A renowned US Navy commander believes that the Roswell crash might have nothing to do with aliens at all.


How they hide the evidence

9-30-2010 | 74

Anthony Bragalia examines how evidence from the Roswell Incident may have been covered up.

The UFO Phenomenon

A sheriff's dark Roswell secret revealed

9-8-2010 | 52

Anthony Bragalia investigates the role Sheriff George Wilcox played in the infamous Roswell incident.

The UFO Phenomenon

Ralph A. Multer and the Roswell UFO

8-25-2010 | 16

Ralph A. Multer recalls his experiences transporting wreckage from the infamous Roswell UFO crash in 1947.

The UFO Phenomenon

Roswell, Battelle and the memory metal

8-10-2010 | 5

Anthony Bragalia investigates the role of the Battelle Memorial Institute in the infamous Roswell UFO crash.

The UFO Phenomenon

How the Roswell crash happened

8-5-2010 | 120

Anthony Bragalia investigates a series of events that could have caused the UFO crash at Roswell in 1947.


Roswell crash talk, before all the hoopla

2-4-2010 | 10

Anthony Bragalia returns with another piece about the Roswell incident being discussed prior to the 1980 book release.

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