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Widow of Roswell General speaks out

1-7-2010 | 10

The widow of General Harry Nations Cordes speaks out about her husband's involvement in the infamous Roswell Incident.


The reverend at Roswell

10-16-2009 | 7

New information has emerged indicating that the Base Chaplain at Roswell at the time of the alleged 1947 UFO crash, Reve...

The UFO Phenomenon

FOIA documents confirm Roswell debris study ?

8-19-2009 | 7

Newly released FOIA documents have reportedly confirmed that officials at Wright-Patterson Air Force base contracted the...


Allan Grant's Roswell crash revelation

7-15-2009 | 2

In his latest article Anthony Bragalia talks about photographer Allan Grant who in 1947 was asked to take a trip to the ...

The UFO Phenomenon

The final secrets of Roswell's memory metal

6-9-2009 | 5

Anthony Bragalia takes a final look at the secrets behind the "memory metal" material based on the recovery of debris at...

The UFO Phenomenon

Roswell dig findings come to light

6-8-2009 | 5

Alejandro Rojas investigates the findings from the Sci Fi channel's "Roswell Crash: Starting New Evidence" programme in ...


Roswell metal scientist: the curious Dr. Cross

6-2-2009 | 0

Anthony Bragalia continues his investigation in to the mysterious memory-metal that he believes to be based upon metals ...


Roswell debris confirmed as alien ?

5-27-2009 | 14

In his latest article, Anthony Bragalia claims that recently discovered documents have revealed that following the alleg...


Former astronaut says Roswell UFO crash true

4-22-2009 | 2015

Former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell has claimed that the events of the Roswell UFO crash in 1947 are true and that not ...


Lt. Colonel speaks out about Roswell report

4-12-2009 | 13

The Lt. Colonel who contributed to the Air Force's 1997 study in to the Roswell Incident that concluded that the crash w...

The UFO Phenomenon

The top 5 UFO hoaxes

3-19-2009 | 9

Outer Zones has run an article on the top five UFO hoaxes of all time, beginning with the infamous Santilli 'alien' auto...

The UFO Phenomenon

Roswell fireman confesses 1947 UFO crash

3-8-2009 | 53

A fireman who worked at Roswell in 1947 has claimed that the mysterious crash that occured that year was indeed of alien...

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