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Modern Mysteries

Mystery haul of gold coins found inside piano

4-22-2017 | 3

The treasure trove was found in Shropshire, England inside an old school piano that was being retuned.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Writer investigates Wollaton Park gnomes case

2-15-2017 | 51

A bizarre encounter by six schoolchildren in 1979 is the subject of a new investigation by Dr Simon Young.

The UFO Phenomenon

'Broad Haven Triangle' UFO mystery turns 40

2-5-2017 | 15

It has now been four decades since a group of children witnessed a UFO outside their school in Wales.

World of the Bizarre

School evacuated due to radioactive uranium

10-26-2016 | 25

Authorities were left shocked when a rock on display in a classroom turned out to be a lump of uranium.

World of the Bizarre

Kids in China climb 2,500ft cliff to school

 VIDEO  5-30-2016 | 17

One school in China is so inaccessible that pupils have to climb down a huge cliff just to get there.

Nature & Environment

Giant squid may grow larger than a school bus

5-27-2016 | 9

A new study has suggested that giant squid may actually grow to be much larger than previously believed.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Possession epidemic hits schools in Malaysia

4-19-2016 | 13

A strange case of mass hysteria has seen students and even teachers being pinned down by 'evil spirits'.

Modern Mysteries

Mass hysteria closes 57 schools in Bangladesh

2-15-2016 | 16

A mysterious illness saw hundreds of young children fall ill at a school in Bangladesh last month.

Archaeology & History

Pirate discovered beneath school playground

1-7-2016 | 15

The 500-year-old remains of a convicted pirate have been unearthed beneath a school in Edinburgh.

World of the Bizarre

Real-life 'wizard school' proves very popular

 VIDEO  11-30-2015 | 5

A crowdfunding campaign for a role-playing wizard's school adventure has so far raised over $230,000.

Metaphysics & Psychology

40 school kids collapse due to mass hysteria

11-12-2015 | 21

A bizarre wave of anxiety caused several dozen pupils at a school in North Yorkshire to fall unconscious.

Science & Technology

Artists create hyper-realistic CGI schoolgirl

10-16-2015 | 51

Two 3D computer graphics artists in Japan have released images of a realistic computer generated person.

The UFO Phenomenon

Man was bullied over childhood UFO encounter

10-6-2015 | 25

Dave Davies was one of fourteen children who witnessed an object land outside their school in 1977.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Russian schoolboy discovers 'Yeti footprint'

9-3-2015 | 29

A 12-year-old boy was out camping in the wilds when he stumbled upon a large human-like footprint.

World of the Bizarre

Girl struck by lightning while opening fridge

6-5-2015 | 21

High school student Macie Martinez was struck by a bolt of lightning while standing inside her kitchen.

Ghosts & Hauntings

School closes over 'toilet ghost' in Pabna

5-17-2015 | 27

Several pupils have fallen ill after entering a bathroom attributed with the death of a schoolgirl.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Eerie figure photographed at Hampton Court

2-25-2015 | 47

Two schoolgirls got the fright of their lives after going over the pictures they took during their visit.

Ghosts & Hauntings

'Ghostly figure' turns off lights in a school

 VIDEO  1-14-2015 | 15

CCTV footage has emerged of an alleged 'ghost' wandering the hallways of Pocatello High School.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Haunting tales surround old Edwards School

10-8-2014 | 11

Despite the school being abandoned for over ten years it seems that not everyone has left the building.

World of the Bizarre

Primary school 'alien egg' prank backfires

7-11-2014 | 32

An unconventional problem solving exercise went awry when several of the children ended up terrified.

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