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Nature & Environment

Huge school of anchovies filmed in California

 VIDEO  7-10-2014 | 21

The ocean turned a shade of black as up to 100 million fish swarmed the coastline off La Jolla.

Modern Mysteries

26 girls fall ill in mass hysteria incident

7-4-2014 | 30

More than two dozen students at a girls high school in Japan suddenly became unwell at the same time.

The UFO Phenomenon

Schoolgirl films dancing fireball in the sky

 VIDEO  6-5-2014 | 79

11-year-old Katie Real and her sister Macie spotted something unusual from their upstairs window.

Nature & Environment

Dolphins help scientists rescue drowning girl

6-1-2014 | 36

A young girl's life was saved when a school of dolphins lead a research team to her location.

Archaeology & History

Gladiator school unearthed in Austria

2-27-2014 | 14

Archaeologists have uncovered the first gladiator training facility to be found outside of Rome.

World of the Bizarre

Did the Nazis have a school for talking dogs?

1-9-2014 | 22

Reports suggest that the Nazis attempted to train an army of talking dogs, but just how true is this ?

Nature & Environment

Dozens injured in Christmas piranha attack

12-27-2013 | 15

Festive revelers were set upon by a school of carniverous fish at the Parana River in Argentina.


Should Yoga be taught in schools ?

7-3-2013 | 96

A lawsuit in California centers around complaints over whether Yoga should be practiced in schools.

Ghosts & Hauntings

School classes suspended over ‘evil spirits'

7-1-2013 | 25

A case of mass hysteria has hit a school in the Philippines involving more than 20 teenage students.

Metaphysics & Psychology

'Psychic attack' reported at Japanese school

6-28-2013 | 40

The strange series of events saw 18 schoolgirls end up in hospital after experiencing trouble breathing.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Hairy creature sighting disturbs classes

5-25-2013 | 33

A school in Botswana was forced to close after pupils reported sighting a small hairy humanoid creature.

World of the Bizarre

13-year-old girl hiccups every two seconds

4-4-2013 | 16

Doctors have been left baffled by the ten-week ordeal of schoolgirl Emily Marsh who can't stop hiccuping.

World of the Bizarre

Schoolboy finds bomb with metal detector

12-29-2012 | 11

Sonny Cater found more than be bargained for when he took his metal detector to a field near his home.


Schools using Nessie to debunk evolution

7-2-2012 | 147

Some schools are using the Loch Ness Monster as a way to disprove Darwin's theory of evolution.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Students film 'Bigfoot' in Idaho woods

 VIDEO  6-1-2012 | 78

Footage has surfaced of a large dark figure filmed in woodland by students on a school project.


Pagan beliefs included in school syllabus

4-16-2012 | 45

Paganism, witchcraft and druidism are being included in some school lessons in southern England.

Ghosts & Hauntings

School girls hospitalised over ghost scare

9-22-2011 | 31

Two schoolgirls collapsed in terror following a sighting during a visit to a haunted abandoned school.

Archaeology & History

Ancient gladiator school found in Austria

9-7-2011 | 4

A study of the ruins of Carnuntum in Austria has revealed the remains of a school for gladiators.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Amnesia leaves woman with 17 year gap

7-30-2011 | 22

A 34-year-old mother woke up one day believing she was still 15 and about to sit her school exams.

Metaphysics & Psychology

High school principal hypnotized students

7-1-2011 | 32

Principle George Kenney is believed to have hypnotized up to 75 people at his school in Florida.

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