Thursday, October 5, 2023
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SETI's Seth Shostak condemns 'alien bodies' claim over lack of evidence

8-5-2023 | 22

Not everyone has been impressed by claims made by David Grusch regarding recovered UFOs and 'non-human biologics'.


Shostak: 'we will find ET within 20 years'

10-3-2017 | 27

SETI astronomer Seth Shostak maintains that we will find evidence of intelligent aliens within two decades.


Should we beam the Internet in to space ?

4-3-2015 | 48

SETI director Seth Shostak believes that we should broadcast the entire Internet in to the cosmos.


Shostak dismisses claims of alien visitation

5-26-2014 | 140

SETI astronomer Seth Shostak doesn't believe that we have ever been visited by extraterrestrials.


SETI: 'we'll find alien life within 20 years'

5-23-2014 | 102

Dan Werthimer and Seth Shostak presented their latest findings this week at a House Committee hearing.


Shostak: 'we will find ET within 20 years'

3-14-2014 | 180

SETI's Seth Shostak believes that if alien life exists then we will find it within the next two decades.


Alien hunters "should look for AI"

8-23-2010 | 31

Astronomer Seth Shostak believes that we should be looking out for signs of an extraterrestrial artificial intelligence.

Space & Astronomy

Is humanity a spacefaring race?

2-28-2009 | 12

Seth Shostak writes about the future of manned space exploration, unmanned probes and the problems we will face in the f...

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