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World of the Bizarre

Girl survives 6 days in Siberian wilderness

 VIDEO  7-31-2017 | 23

14-year-old Yana Tamocheva went missing while picking berries in Siberia's remote Krasnoyarsk region.

The UFO Phenomenon

Diamond-shaped 'UFO' appears over Siberia

 VIDEO  7-9-2017 | 50

Footage allegedly recorded at the time of the sighting has since managed to make its way on to YouTube.

Science & Technology

Scientists study Siberia's 'hellmouth' crater

3-1-2017 | 7

Referred to by some as 'Doorway to the Underworld', Siberia's Batagaika Crater is constantly expanding.

World of the Bizarre

Road in Siberia ends up coated in green snow

12-1-2016 | 12

The bizarre spectacle occurred after a pipe burst and water from a drainage well rose to the surface.

Nature & Environment

Giant snowballs appear along Siberian coast

11-6-2016 | 4

An unusual natural phenomenon in Siberia has covered an 11-mile stretch of beach with huge snowballs.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Man keeps vigil for Siberia's Labynkyr Devil

11-5-2016 | 9

Andrey Solovyev has braved freezing temperatures in his quest to locate Siberia's own Loch Ness Monster.


World's oldest needle unearthed in Siberia

8-23-2016 | 16

A 50,000-year-old sewing needle made from bone has been discovered during a dig at a cave in Siberia.

Modern Mysteries

Luminous ball of light filmed in Siberia

 VIDEO  8-4-2016 | 32

A witness has captured footage of what is thought to be a rare case of ball lightning on his smartphone.

Modern Mysteries

Ground in Siberia is starting to go bouncy

 VIDEO  7-22-2016 | 6

The unseasonably warmer weather appears to be having an adverse effect on the Siberian permafrost.

Science & Technology

Mystery still surrounds 1908 Tunguska event

7-10-2016 | 13

Did an asteroid strike the remote Siberian wilderness over a century ago or did something else happen ?

Science & Technology

Siberia crater accompanied by big bang, glow

6-8-2016 | 6

New details have emerged about the mysterious crater which opened up in a remote part of Siberia in 2013.

Nature & Environment

Spinning 50ft disk of ice filmed in Russia

5-9-2016 | 14

The rare natural phenomenon was captured on camera in Omsk Oblast - a region in southwestern Siberia.


Prehistoric 'unicorn' lived alongside humans

3-24-2016 | 17

A large horned beast known as the 'Siberian unicorn' could be the origin of the modern unicorn legend.

World of the Bizarre

Siberian city wants a cat to run for mayor

12-16-2015 | 17

Residents in Barnaul have become so fed up with politicians that they've resorted to voting for a cat.

Science & Technology

Ancient bacteria could hold key to longevity

9-21-2015 | 20

A 3.5 million-year-old bacteria found in Siberia could make it possible for humans to live longer.

Science & Technology

'Frankenvirus' found in Siberian permafrost

9-9-2015 | 13

A giant virus discovered frozen beneath the tundra has been revived after more than 30,000 years.

Science & Technology

Russia sets up mammoth cloning laboratory

9-2-2015 | 26

Scientists in Siberia have set up a lab dedicated to the goal of cloning a mammoth from ancient DNA.

Nature & Environment

Amur leopards are now making a comeback

 VIDEO  8-20-2015 | 5

The world's most endangered species of cat has seen a significant population increase in recent years.

Archaeology & History

Mystery surrounds island ruins in Siberia

4-13-2015 | 25

A small island on a remote Siberian lake is home to stone ruins that remain shrouded in mystery.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO legends surround world's deepest lake

4-2-2015 | 16

Lake Baikal in Siberia has been home to a spate of peculiar sightings and strange tales in recent years.

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