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The UFO Phenomenon

Mystery lights appear then vanish in new video

 VIDEO  4-5-2020 | 12

Video footage captured in South Korea shows the moment a strange string of lights appeared in the sky.


Everyone is two years older in South Korea

4-15-2019 | 11

A long-lived Korean tradition sees two years added to the age of newborn babies within their first 12 months.


Prehistoric spider fossils' eyes still glow

2-18-2019 | 6

Fossil spiders discovered in South Korea still have glowing eyes despite being over 110 million years old.

Modern Mysteries

Sunken warship may contain gold worth $133bn

 VIDEO  7-19-2018 | 11

The wreck of a Russian ship thought to contain 5,500 boxes of gold bars has been found off South Korea.

Science & Technology

AI experts boycott 'killer robot' research lab

4-5-2018 | 5

A university in South Korea is allegedly working with a defence company to build autonomous killing machines.

Science & Technology

Scientists set to revive extinct steppe bison

12-30-2016 | 21

Teams from Russia and South Korea are working together to bring the extinct species back to life.

Science & Technology

Giant manned robot being built in South Korea

 VIDEO  12-19-2016 | 12

A giant bipedal robot that looks like something out of the movie 'Avatar' has been unveiled this month.

Science & Technology

Team develops water-walking robot insects

 VIDEO  8-2-2015 | 2

Researchers from South Korea and the US have created a robot that is capable of walking on water.

Science & Technology

DRC-Hubo wins DARPA Robotics Challenge

 VIDEO  6-8-2015 | 5

A robot from South Korea has scooped the $2 million prize for an impressive win across eight tasks.


Robot vacuum attempts to eat woman's head

2-10-2015 | 28

A woman in South Korea this week awoke from a nap to find the robotic device attached to her hair.

Science & Technology

New robot can run faster than Usain Bolt

 VIDEO  6-4-2014 | 10

An amazing new bipedal robot from South Korea is able to run at a top speed of 28.58mph.


South Korea man blames octopus for murder

9-10-2012 | 26

In a bizarre murder trial, a man accused of killing his girlfriend is claiming that an octopus did it.


Woman 'pregnant' after eating squid

6-16-2012 | 39

A woman in South Korea reported becoming 'pregnent' in her mouth after eating a calamari portion.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO filmed from plane over Seoul

 VIDEO  4-9-2012 | 83

An airline passenger has filmed a strange object flying low over the city of Seoul in South Korea.

Science & Technology

Scientists sign deal to clone mammoth

3-14-2012 | 46

A joint Russian and South Korean research effort has been launched in a bid to create a live mammoth.


Woman passes driving test at 960th attempt

9-6-2010 | 21

A grandmother from South Korea has finally passed her triving test on her 960th attempt.

Science & Technology

Scientists claim to have cloned glowing dogs

6-22-2009 | 13

Scientists in South Korea claim they have produced the world's first glowing dogs through cloning, the four beagles name...

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