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Space & Astronomy

Space hotel could open its doors in 2027

 VIDEO  3-2-2021 | 17

One forward-thinking company is planning to build and launch a rotating space hotel with artificial gravity.

Space & Astronomy

First 'luxury space hotel' to launch in 2021

4-6-2018 | 27

Space tourism startup Orion Span is offering guests the opportunity to spend 12 days orbiting the planet.

Space & Astronomy

Inflatable space hotel could launch by 2021

 VIDEO  2-23-2018 | 4

Tourists may soon have the opportunity to book a room in a hotel with a rather extraordinary view.

Space & Astronomy

Space hotel plans announced

8-17-2011 | 13

Russia has revealed plans for an orbiting space hotel that is due to open as early as 2016.

Space & Astronomy

Space hotel plan unveiled in Russia

10-1-2010 | 4

A company in Russia have unveiled plans to build and launch an orbiting hotel for space tourists.

Space & Astronomy

Space hotel on schedule for 2012

11-3-2009 | 10

The first ever space hotel is still on target to accept paying guests as early as 2012. The multi-billion dollar "Galact...

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