Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Space & Astronomy

Questions surround Chinese astronauts' mystery spacewalk

3-4-2023 | 6

Two Chinese astronauts recently conducted a secretive spacewalk outside the Tiangong space station.

The UFO Phenomenon

British astronaut speaks out about UAPs

6-13-2022 | 15

Col Tim Peake, who previously spent time aboard the space station, discussed UAPs during a recent TV interview.

Space & Astronomy

NASA 'holoports' a doctor onto the space station

4-19-2022 | 7

In a world first, a doctor on Earth appeared in real-time aboard the ISS using augmented reality technology.

Space & Astronomy

All-civilian Ax-1 crew arrive on the space station

 VIDEO  4-10-2022 | 2

NASA's first foray into space tourism has gone without a hitch with the crew of four now safely aboard the ISS.

Space & Astronomy

NASA to launch three amateur astronauts to ISS this week

4-4-2022 | 2

The highly unprecedented mission will be the first time NASA has ever launched tourists to the space station.

Space & Astronomy

De-orbiting the ISS - will we be in any danger ?

2-20-2022 | 2

NASA will be decommissioning the space station in 2031, but given its size, how will it go about doing so safely ?

Space & Astronomy

ISS will end up at the bottom of the sea in 2031

2-3-2022 | 5

NASA has confirmed its plans for the decommissioning and final de-orbiting of the long-lived space station.

Space & Astronomy

Blue Origin announces plans to build commercial space station

10-26-2021 | 4

Jeff Bezos' spaceflight company has revealed its intentions to build a 'business park' in space.

Space & Astronomy

Russia to beat Tom Cruise in space movie bid

10-11-2021 | 8

A Russian film crew has arrived at the space station with the intention of shooting the first ever movie in space.

Space & Astronomy

Rare 'luminous event' photographed from ISS

10-11-2021 | 4

An astronaut aboard the space station recently captured an image of a rare yet spectacular phenomenon.

Space & Astronomy

ISS sustains space debris 'lucky strike'

6-2-2021 | 4

A puncture caused by space junk has been discovered on a robotic arm outside the International Space Station.

Space & Astronomy

Russia to quit ISS, build new space station

4-22-2021 | 5

Russia's co-operation with NASA and other space agencies could be coming to an end very soon.

Space & Astronomy

Reality TV show will send winner up to the ISS

9-19-2020 | 3

A new show called 'Space Hero' will see contestants vying for a trip up to the International Space Station.

Space & Astronomy

NASA battles air leak aboard the space station

8-25-2020 | 8

American astronauts on the ISS have been sleeping in the Russian segment while the leak is investigated.

Space & Astronomy

Pentagon to build first military space station ?

7-19-2020 | 18

The US Space Force is reportedly working on plans for an experimental outpost in orbit around the Earth.

Space & Astronomy

Tom Cruise and NASA to film movie aboard ISS

5-6-2020 | 6

NASA will reportedly be working with actor Tom Cruise to film a movie on the International Space Station.

The UFO Phenomenon

Did NASA really film a UFO outside the ISS ?

 VIDEO  3-5-2020 | 23

A recent video allegedly shows a mystery object outside the space station, but is everything as it seems ?

Space & Astronomy

Orbital plan for lunar space station unveiled

 VIDEO  7-21-2019 | 1

Mission planners at NASA and ESA have determined the orbital path of the upcoming lunar Gateway.

Space & Astronomy

Stunning image shows ISS in front of the Sun

7-19-2019 | 5

NASA has released a breathtaking photograph showing the space station silhouetted against our solar neighbor.

Space & Astronomy

ISS to accommodate tourists for $35K a night

6-8-2019 | 7

From next year, the International Space Station will open its doors to private visitors and business ventures.

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