Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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Resurfaced Roswell letter describes 'fragile humanoids'

11-2-2021 | 30

A letter from the son of a first-hand Roswell incident witness has been discovered among Stanton Friedman's papers.

The UFO Phenomenon

New UFO exhibit will honor Stanton Friedman

6-4-2021 | 1

The late UFO researcher is to be the subject of a new exhibit at the Fredericton Region Museum in Canada.

The UFO Phenomenon

Stanton Friedman's UFO files to be catalogued

10-30-2019 | 10

The late UFO researcher and author collected so much material that it could take 10 years to sort through it all.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO researcher Stanton Friedman dies, aged 84

 VIDEO  5-15-2019 | 25

The former nuclear physicist had spent the last 50 years researching, lecturing and writing about UFOs.

The UFO Phenomenon

Stanton Friedman describes UFO cover up

6-8-2010 | 23

Veteran UFO investigator Stanton Friedman has echoed his views that we are in the midst of a cosmic Watergate.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pseudo-science of anti-Ufology

5-31-2009 | 8

In his latest article UFOlogist Stanton Friedman talks about those who attack the notion that UFOs are of alien origin. ...

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