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Space & Astronomy

Planets like Tatooine may actually be common

3-16-2020 | 2

Planets with two suns like Luke Skywalker's homeworld may be as common as planets orbiting a solitary star.

Space & Astronomy

It's official - Betelgeuse isn't about to explode

3-10-2020 | 23

Scientists have finally determined what made the giant star appear as though it was getting ready to blow.

Space & Astronomy

'Space snowman' is two stars merging together

3-4-2020 | 0

Astronomers have identified a 'bizarre' ultra-massive white dwarf star that may be more than meets the eye.

Science & Technology

Theoretical physicist Freeman Dyson has died

3-2-2020 | 4

The man who envisaged that an alien race could build a 'Dyson Sphere' around its star has died aged 96.

Space & Astronomy

Most detailed ever images of the Sun revealed

 VIDEO  1-30-2020 | 5

Newly released high-resolution photographs show the surface of our star in more detail than ever before.

Science & Technology

New type of aurora borealis discovered

1-29-2020 | 1

A group of amateur stargazers has identified an entirely new form of aurora that looks a bit like sand dunes.

Space & Astronomy

Space Force logo looks like it's from Star Trek

1-25-2020 | 35

President Donald Trump has revealed the official logo for the US Space Force - and it looks somewhat familiar...

Ghosts & Hauntings

Video shows 'ghost' watching man sleeping

 VIDEO  1-22-2020 | 21

A peculiar video, which shows an eerie figure staring at a man through a window, has recently gone viral online.

The UFO Phenomenon

'Project Blue Book' stars talk real-life UFOs

 VIDEO  1-17-2020 | 14

During a recent TV interview, Aiden Gillen and Neal McDonough expressed their own thoughts on UFOs.

The UFO Phenomenon

Starlink could spark a new UFO sightings boom

1-7-2020 | 11

An ambitious effort to bring satellite Internet access to all could end up generating countless UFO reports.

Science & Technology

Inventor builds working prototype lightsaber

 VIDEO  12-28-2019 | 23

A popular YouTuber has designed and built an actual functioning protosaber that can literally melt your face off.

Space & Astronomy

Is the star Betelgeuse about to go supernova ?

12-24-2019 | 25

One of the brightest stars in the night sky is exhibiting signs that its explosive demise might not be far away.

Space & Astronomy

Boeing Starliner capsule fails to reach ISS

 VIDEO  12-22-2019 | 11

Boeing's reusable crew vehicle had aimed to dock with the station this week but things didn't go quite to plan.


Giant telescope to join the search for alien life

12-13-2019 | 2

The world's largest filled-aperture radio telescope is about to start operating after several years of testing.

Modern Mysteries

Flock of birds falls dead from the sky in Wales

12-11-2019 | 9

Authorities are investigating what might have caused an entire flock of starlings to suddenly drop dead.

Space & Astronomy

Planet found orbiting white dwarf in world first

 VIDEO  12-5-2019 | 0

Astronomers have discovered a huge planet orbiting the burnt-out husk of a star that was once like the Sun.

The UFO Phenomenon

Residents puzzled by 40 'UFOs' over Cornwall

 VIDEO  11-29-2019 | 1

People in and around Truro, England couldn't believe their eyes when they looked skyward this morning.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Baseball star captures 'Bigfoot' on deer cam

11-23-2019 | 36

Tigers infielder Jordy Mercer has posted up two still images of an alleged Sasquatch on his property.

The UFO Phenomenon

US Army signs deal to exploit 'UFO technology'

10-22-2019 | 41

The military has teamed up with Tom DeLonge's 'To The Stars' group to study alleged UFO 'metamaterials'.

World of the Bizarre

Man traces pop star from her eye reflections

10-15-2019 | 25

A man has been arrested after using a disturbingly simple yet effective way to track down a pop star's home.

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