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Space & Astronomy

Astronomers detect most distant star to date

4-3-2018 | 0

The Hubble Space Telescope has picked up the light from a very bright star over 9.3 billion lights years away.

Space & Astronomy

Astronomer announces the discovery of... Mars

3-22-2018 | 9

One astronomer was left red-faced this week after he mistook the planet Mars for an undiscovered star.

Space & Astronomy

New study hints at 'Oumuamua's origins

3-19-2018 | 7

Researchers believe that it is very likely that the interstellar asteroid came from a binary star system.

Science & Technology

Larry Page's autonomous flying taxi revealed

 VIDEO  3-14-2018 | 1

The Google co-founder's flying car start-up Kitty Hawk has created a two-person passenger drone called Cora.

Space & Astronomy

Astronomers detect signal from the first stars

 VIDEO  2-28-2018 | 5

A table-sized antenna has picked up the fingerprints of the first ever stars to emerge after the Big Bang.

Natural World

New study finds that polar bears are starving

2-2-2018 | 9

The diminishing Arctic sea ice is making it almost impossible for polar bears to satisfy their energy needs.

Space & Astronomy

Fake star generates 'space graffiti' complaints

1-27-2018 | 27

Astronomers worldwide have criticized the decision to launch a large reflective disco ball in to orbit.

Natural World

Hawks caught starting fires in Australia

1-13-2018 | 5

A new study has revealed that some species of hawk deliberately start fires in the Australian outback.

Ancient Mysteries

Ancient stone carving may depict supernova

1-11-2018 | 16

Scientists have identified what they believe to be the first known depiction of an exploding star.


'Alien megastructure' star finally debunked

1-5-2018 | 380

Astronomers believe that they have finally solved the mystery of Tabby's Star's unusual dimming behavior.

Space & Astronomy

Huge black holes regulate star formation

1-2-2018 | 3

Scientists have found the first direct evidence that supermassive black holes control the formation of stars.


T. rex pranksters gatecrash live news report

12-29-2017 | 6

A news report about taxes was livened up considerably when three dinosaurs started fighting in the background.

Modern Mysteries

Frozen lake sounds like a Star Wars battle

12-12-2017 | 6

This amazing footage of Gun Lake in Canada reveals the cacophony of strange sounds made by the ice.

Science & Technology

Android 'citizen' Sophia wants to have children

 VIDEO  11-25-2017 | 19

The eerily human-like creation has stated during a recent interview that she wants to start a family.

Science & Technology

15,000 scientists issue 'warning to humanity'

11-13-2017 | 82

Thousands of scientists from 184 countries have issued a stark warning about the future of our planet.

Space & Astronomy

Giant 'planet' found at the galaxy's center

11-11-2017 | 41

A mysterious world 4,000 times more massive than the Earth has been found lurking 22,000 light years away.


Millennium Falcon spotted in a field in Surrey

 VIDEO  11-8-2017 | 10

Eagle-eyed Star Wars fans have spotted the iconic spacecraft sitting under a tarp near a golf club.

Space & Astronomy

Proxima Centauri may have several planets

11-6-2017 | 8

Observations of our closest neighboring star have revealed the possible presence of multiple planets.

Space & Astronomy

'Monster' planet discovered orbiting tiny star

11-1-2017 | 1

The planet, which is much too big for its star, defies our current understanding of planetary formation.

Space & Astronomy

Mysterious object could be interstellar visitor

10-27-2017 | 73

For the first time ever, astronomers have spotted what is thought to be a visitor from a distant star system.

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