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Archaeology & History

The building of Stonehenge was a celebration

3-9-2018 | 5

The construction of the world-famous stone circle may have been all about bringing people together.

Archaeology & History

4,000-year-old stone circle found on Dartmoor

5-10-2015 | 19

A previously undiscovered stone circle has been unearthed by archaeologists in southern England.

Archaeology & History

Stonehenge may have been a raised platform

3-16-2015 | 47

A new theory has proposed that the prehistoric stone circle may have supported a large wooden altar.

Archaeology & History

Experts baffled by mystery stone circles

11-2-2014 | 34

Experts have been trying to learn the purpose of large stone circles found across the Middle East.

Archaeology & History

"Bluehenge" discovered

10-5-2009 | 8

Archaeologists have discovered a second stone circle only a mile from Stonehenge, the prehistoric circle named "Blueheng...

Archaeology & History

Early man used primitive

9-20-2009 | 3

New research has shown that Britain's stone age ancestors were sophisticated engineers and would have used a primitive v...

Archaeology & History

The stones that encircle the world

4-28-2009 | 2

Stonehenge has intrigued archaeologists for centuries and remains one of the most important archaeological sites in the ...

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