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Natural World

Mammoths and robots in zoos of the future

2-20-2012 | 16

In 50 years zoos may have robotic tigers and cloned extinct species such as woolly mammoths.

Natural World

New search for the 'extinct' Javan tiger

12-23-2011 | 7

New evidence has been found suggesting the allegedly extinct Javan tiger might not have been wiped out.


Toy tiger sparks armed police alert in UK

5-23-2011 | 26

Armed police officers and a helicopter were called in after a white tiger was spotted in a field.

Natural World

Thylacine collection goes on display

3-7-2011 | 18

The largest private collection of Tasmanian tiger artefacts in the world has gone on display.

Natural World

Lost tiger population found in Himalayas

9-21-2010 | 13

The highest known living tigers have been discovered high up in the Himalayas by the BBC's Natural History Unit.

Natural World

Just 1,000 tigers left in India

7-19-2009 | 19

The number of tigers left in India has fallen significantly in recent times with the government admitting that nobody ha...

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