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Dutch police use rats in crime investigations

9-18-2013 | 10

Specially trained rodents are proving to be a cheap and effective alternative to traditional lab work.

Natural World

Millipede invasion causes train wreck

9-8-2013 | 6

An invasion of millipedes in Australia is believed to have been responsible for a train crash.

Science & Technology

311mph mag-lev train tested successfully

6-5-2013 | 11

A futuristic type of new train that aims to cut journey times in half has been tested in Japan.

Science & Technology

Honeybees trained to hunt mines in Croatia

5-22-2013 | 9

Croatian researchers have been training honeybees to hunt down the location of unexploded landmines.

Science & Technology

New bird flu strains created in lab

5-7-2013 | 60

Scientists in China have come under fire for producing more than 100 new mutations of the deadly virus.


Armed dolphins allegedly escape in Ukraine

3-14-2013 | 53

According to reports, three armed dolphins have escaped from a Ukrainian military training facility.


Dogs taught how to drive

 VIDEO  12-6-2012 | 46

Three rescue dogs in New Zealand have received training to teach them basic driving skills.


Man survives being hit by speeding train

11-30-2012 | 22

Stephen Wright had a miraculous escape after he was hit on the head by a train going at 70mph.


Dolphins trained for underwater warfare

10-13-2012 | 31

The Ukranian navy are arming dolphins with knives and pistols to defend against underwater attackers.

Space & Astronomy

Mock asteroid mission conducted underwater

6-24-2012 | 3

Special training exercises have taken place underwater in preparation for a manned asteroid mission.


Apache helicopter drops missile over Texas

5-19-2012 | 19

A military chopper accidentally dropped a training missile near the town of Killeen in central Texas.

Space & Astronomy

Astronauts in training for asteroid mission

5-14-2012 | 16

A team of astronauts are being trained for a mission to land on and explore the surface of an asteroid.


Woman sues man killed by train

12-30-2011 | 151

A woman hit by a man's body after he was struck by a train is suing the victim over her injuries.

Science & Technology

China tests 500 kilometers per hour train

12-28-2011 | 15

China have tested a new high speed train over the weekend that blows all competition out of the water.

Science & Technology

Scientist creates killer flu virus in lab

11-28-2011 | 206

Five tweaks of the H5N1 virus is all it takes to turn it in to one of the most deadly ever flu strains.

Metaphysics & Psychology

6-year-old yoga trainer hailed as a miracle

12-29-2010 | 8

Shruti Pandey is not like other yoga trainers, at just 6 years of age she is the youngest in the world.


Parrot arrested for aiding drug cartel

9-21-2010 | 28

Lorenzo the parrot has become the latest of over 1700 seized by officials having been trained as drug cartel lookouts.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Man looking for 'ghost train' killed by real one

8-31-2010 | 33

A man who had been looking to hear the paranormal sounds of a historical train crash was hit by a real train and died.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Trainee hypnotist places himself in a trance

1-6-2010 | 17

A trainee hypnotists managed to accidentally place himself in a trance after practicing the technique in a mirror.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Police to study hypnosis techniques

12-20-2009 | 9

Hypnosis techniques are being proposed as a new branch of training for police officers in the UK to help encourage witne...

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