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Natural World

15 new bird species found in the Amazon

6-7-2013 | 8

The Amazon rainforest has yielded a treasure trove of 15 species of previously undiscovered birds.

Modern Mysteries

Expedition to explore real treasure island

8-7-2012 | 16

Shaun Whitehead and his team hope to uncover the resting place of the long lost 'Treasure of Lima'.


Rare dinosaur found in Canada's oil sands

3-27-2011 | 3

The Canadian oil sands have turned up an unusual treasure - a plant-eating ankylosaur.

Space & Astronomy

Treasures of the Soviet Union space industry

3-20-2011 | 1

Richard Hollingham pays a visit to a private space museum containing relics of a bygone era.

Ancient Mysteries

Mayan codex may lead to lost treasure

3-3-2011 | 16

An expert in Mayan writing believes he has deciphered a code that will lead to eight tons of gold.


50-million-year-old insects found in amber

10-27-2010 | 19

A treasure trove of insects preserved in amber has been found in northwest India.

Modern Mysteries

Amber Room of the Tsars found by treasure hunter ?

1-19-2010 | 10

The priceless Amber Room of the Tsars was looted and hidden by the Nazis in World War 2 but may now have been found again.


Cave dig unearths important finds

9-14-2009 | 1

A cave in Devon has offered archaeologists a treasure trove of ice age animal remains including hyenas, deer and woolly ...

Ancient Mysteries

Ancient Roman shipwrecks found

7-27-2009 | 8

A treasure trove of Roman artefacts has been discovered in the wrecks of five ancient Roman ships found at the bottom of...

Modern Mysteries

Blackbeard's ship yields treasure trove

4-2-2009 | 12

The recently recovered ship of infamous 18th century pirate Blackbeard, one of the most feared pirates of the time, has ...

Ghosts & Hauntings

Ghost hunters out for answers

2-9-2009 | 1

A group of paranormal investigators in Fort Worth have taken up the challenge of seeking out ghosts while at the same ti...

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