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New test dates Turin Shroud to the time of Jesus

4-26-2022 | 87

A new type of scientific testing technique has reportedly dated the iconic relic to the 1st Century.


$1 million offered to prove Turin Shroud forgery claim

4-20-2022 | 5

Filmmaker David Rolfe is challenging the British Museum to recreate the iconic shroud to prove that it is a forgery.

Archaeology & History

Does the Turin Shroud show the face of the Fisher King ?

3-15-2022 | 19

Anthropologist David Akins believes that the world-famous relic may have actually been made in England.


Turin Shroud DNA analysis results surprising

10-20-2015 | 54

An analysis of dust particles retrieved from the shroud has uncovered plant DNA from all over the world.


Was the Turin Shroud a medieval Easter prop?

10-28-2014 | 24

A British scholar and author has claimed that the controversial relic is not from the time of Jesus.


Did an earthquake create the Turin Shroud ?

2-12-2014 | 37

Scientists in Italy believe that the image of Christ on the shroud may have been caused by an earthquake.


New book re-opens Turin Shroud debate

3-28-2013 | 40

A new book based on extensive research claims that the famous shroud is not a medieval forgery.


New study claims Turin Shroud is authentic

12-21-2011 | 75

Scientists in Italy have claimed that the mysterious shroud couldn't have been forged in medieval times.


Pope Benedict views Turin shroud

5-5-2010 | 11

The Pope visited Turin this week to view the famous shroud which has gone on display for the first time in ten years.


The Turin Shroud's enduring mystery

4-12-2010 | 158

The Turin Shroud thought to be the burial cloth of Jesus and to bear his image has gone on display in Turin.

Modern Mysteries

Hitler 'wanted to steal' Turin Shroud

4-8-2010 | 16

The Turin Shroud was secretly hidden during World War 2 because Hitler allegedly wanted to steal it.


Christ's face reconstructed from Shroud of Turin

3-29-2010 | 22

An image of what some believe to be the real face of Jesus has been computer generated from the Turin Shroud.


Turin Shroud to go on display

2-20-2010 | 5

The Turin Shroud is expected to attract up to 100 million visitors when it goes on display in Northern Italy this year.


Vatican researcher in Turin Shroud claim

11-22-2009 | 5

The ever present debate over the authenticity of the Turin Shroud has been rekindled after a Vatican researcher has clai...


Did Da Vinci fake the Turin Shroud ?

7-5-2009 | 23

A new study has claimed that Leonardo Da Vinci could have fabricated the Turin Shroud, the technique used to match Da Vi...


Knights Templar hid the Turin Shroud

4-8-2009 | 26

The Shroud of Turin's missing years appear to have been accounted for, the Vatican has claimed that the Knights Templar ...

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