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Little brother of giant T-rex discovered

9-18-2009 | 17

A newly discovered predatory dinosaur has been discovered that is a perfect, miniature copy of the Tyrannosaurus rex, ev...


"Mighty" T. Rex mostly picked off youngsters ?

8-16-2009 | 11

A new study in to the behaviour of legendary dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex has revealed that this fearsome predator would h...


Ancestor of T-rex found in China

4-23-2009 | 1

Fossils discovered near the city of Jiayuguan in China may reveal important clues to the evolution of Tyrannosaurus rex....


Predator X terrorized prehistoric oceans

3-25-2009 | 8

Described as the Tyrannosaurus of the sea, remains of the world's most fearsome ocean predator nicknamed "Predator X" ha...

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