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Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Three Yeti sightings reported in Siberia

9-28-2012 | 42

Sightings of the elusive hominid are on the rise ahead of next month's conference and expedition.


Hunting the Chinese 'Wild Man'

7-6-2012 | 42

A team of 38 researchers is planning an expedition to find evidence of China's answer to the Yeti.


Team to investigate Yeti DNA claims

5-23-2012 | 35

A team of researchers plan to conduct a systematic investigation of alleged Bigfoot and Yeti remains.


'Yeti finger' DNA test results revealed

12-27-2011 | 59

A finger from the Pangboche hand said to be that of a Yeti has been DNA tested in London.


Yeti hunt: was the evidence staged ?

11-24-2011 | 13

One scientist believes that the Yeti evidence found during the expedition was staged by locals.


Expedition finds "indisputable proof" of Yeti

10-11-2011 | 157

A team in Russia claims to have found undeniable evidence for the existence of the legendary Yeti.


US and Russia team up for Yeti hunt

10-5-2011 | 45

Researchers from around the world are teaming up to hunt down an alleged Yeti population in Siberia.


Boxing champion to seek Russian Yeti

9-13-2011 | 33

Former heavyweight boxing champion Nikolai Valuev is to mount an expedition in search of the creature.


'Yeti hand' replica to be returned to Nepal

4-29-2011 | 12

A replica of an alleged Yeti hand is to be returned by a New Zealand pilot to a monastery in Nepal.


Siberia to set up Yeti research institute

3-24-2011 | 10

Siberia is to ramp up its studies of the legendary Yeti following a number of recent sightings.


Yeti caught on film in Poland

8-31-2009 | 21

A large hominid creature has been photographed by a man in the Tatra mountains of Poland, he was allegedly alerted to th...


Himalayan Bigfoot to undergo DNA testing

8-30-2009 | 5

A news story from China this week has claimed that strands of hair retrieved from the borders of Nepal that locals belie...


New Yeti expedition planned in Russia

5-5-2009 | 3

A new expedition is planned for June 2009 to seek out the legendary Yeti in Russia following sightings and reports near ...


Yeti activity surge noted in Siberia

4-17-2009 | 3

Multiple sightings dating back many years have prompted a surge of interest in the Yeti in Russia's Kemerovo region, a r...


Russian Yeti expedition comes up empty

3-26-2009 | 15

A team lead by 'Yeti specialist' Igor Burtsev which set off on an expedition in the mountains of Siberia to find the leg...


Attenborough: Yeti evidence "very convincing"

3-3-2009 | 1

British naturalist Sir David Attenborough has stated in an interview on Friday Night With Jonathon Ross that he believes...

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