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The day I found out I am immortal

Posted on 11-24-2019 | Comment icon 24 comments

By: Jonathan | Location: Hialeah

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Before I begin the story of my experience I want to say, I am not using my real name, just in case anyone that knows me will not know about my claim.

My experience happened on May of 2011, when I was 16 years old. On this day, everything was normal, I woke up, got ready for the day, and went to the bus stop by my house to wait for the bus to go to school, throughout this time everything was normal. After being dismissed from school, I walked to the bus stop, to wait for the bus and go home.

While I waited, I was texting on my cell phone. As I was waiting, and texting, I saw a man walking towards me, I did what I always do when someone walked by, I put away my phone and moved my feet under the bench so the person wouldn't trip. I assumed he was going to continue walking but instead he sat next to me.

After a few seconds, he turned towards me and said "Hey kid, give me your phone!" I told him "I don't have a phone, sorry" he responded with "Don't lie to me kid! I saw you using your phone", and I told him "Okay, I do have a phone, but it's disconnected, I was just checking the time", he said "I don't care if it's disconnected, just give me your phone!" When he said that, I knew that he wanted to steal my cell phone. I told him I wasn't going to give him my phone and he stood up, pulled out a gun, and said "I'm not going to ask again kid! Give me your phone!".
I stood up and told him I wasn't going to give him my cell phone, and he put his gun to my head and pulled the trigger twice. Although he shot me, I didn't lose consciousness. The bullet did penetrate, but I was fully conscious and the wound healed on its own. I was shocked, and I saw that the man was scared; he said "what the hell are you?"

As he took a few steps back, and he shot me three more times in the chest, after a few seconds the gun shot wounds on my chest also healed on their own, and the man screamed "You're the devil! Please, please don't hurt me!" And he ran away, I then heard a gun shot so I assume he shot himself.

While all this happened, there were also people at the bus stop across the street that witnessed what happened to me. A man that worked at the drive through of the Burger King (that was behind the bus stop where I was) came out and asked if I was okay, and if I wanted him to call an ambulance, I rejected his offer, but he called for one anyway. As he was calling I decided to walk away, to another bus stop to get home, and clean up.

During this whole event, I couldn't believe if this really happened, I thought that I either dreamed it or had a hallucination. The next day, what happened to me was on the news (not actual footage of me being shot, but witnesses talking about what happened). I still didn't believe that it really happened, so for a while (from 2011-2014) I would occasionally skip school, and go to other people's houses, forcing them to try to kill me, to confirm that I am immortal, as well as to have more witnesses.

I have been shot, stabbed, decapitated, and dismembered multiple times. I have also done things to myself, and although I do not die, I found out that it takes much longer for my body to heal from things I do to myself. I also found out that when anyone who isn't myself dismembers or decapitates me, my body regrows new limbs and head, and the severed limbs and head grow their own bodies, which are clones of me. My body is also able to regenerate organs.

Comments (24)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #15 Posted by sci-nerd on 25 November, 2019, 16:20
What an amazing imagination.... Not!! This is a ripoff of the cheerleader from Heroes.
Comment icon #16 Posted by mxcx on 25 November, 2019, 17:29
The cheerleader from Heroes...   My thoughts exactly. 
Comment icon #17 Posted by Matt221 on 26 November, 2019, 9:01
You say you were decapitated you should of left it there .......while you were a head    see what I done there    
Comment icon #18 Posted by Banggod on 26 November, 2019, 12:23
I went with it a bit, but after a paragraph realized the grammar was too good. 
Comment icon #19 Posted by jowasmus on 26 November, 2019, 14:56
No disrespect meant at all, papa, but seriously, when papa dismisses you, you've gone too far.
Comment icon #20 Posted by Banggod on 26 November, 2019, 22:33
Let's not take it too seriously ha. This is not a fiction writing class, ughhhh.
Comment icon #21 Posted by Scholar4Truth on 27 November, 2019, 17:17
To me this sounds more like a story someone would find on  FanFiction and Creepy Pasta.
Comment icon #22 Posted by MissJatti on 3 December, 2019, 6:43
Bruce Willis Unbreakable
Comment icon #23 Posted by qxcontinuum on 9 December, 2019, 5:23
It lacks originality.  
Comment icon #24 Posted by tortugabob on 9 December, 2019, 23:57
Rolling eyes now. There are more kooks in here than in Congress.

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