Monday, February 26, 2018
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Image credit: Bill Bartlett

Dover Demon

Name given to a bizarre creature witnessed by several people in Dover in April 1977. The first sighting occurred late one night as 3 17-year-olds drove home through the Boston suburbs of the Dover area. The driver, Bill Bartlett, reported seeing what at first he thought was a dog or cat but soon realised was a peculiar white creature with a large melon-shaped head and glowing red eyes. It had long thin toes and fingers with which it was able to grasp on to the pavement. Bartlett later drew several sketches of the creature.

A few hours later and over a mile away John Baxter was walking home when he met the same creature walking along a path. The next day another resident Abby Brabham noted a similar looking creature on the side of the road as she drove past.

To this day the sightings of the creature at Dover remain unexplained.

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