Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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A substance of alleged paranormal origin that can extrude from the body of a medium and can form in to a variety of physical shapes and forms. Ectoplasm can be either solid or in a vapour like form and is often described as being white in colour.

The substance can begin to appear when the medium is in a trance or during a seance. When it does it usually extrudes from the medium through the mouth, nose, ears or even through the eyes. Witnesses have described having watched the substance form into material shapes, such as hands, arms, faces or even entire bodies. It is thought that these shapes correspond to the spirit that the medium is in contact with. Ectoplasm is thought to be a manifestation of spiritual energy that is capable of interacting with the physical world.

There is a great deal of controversy over the frequency in which ectoplasm was manifested during seances in the early 20th century. Skeptics have demonstrated that ectoplasm in photographs taken during these sessions looks very much like cheesecloth, it is believed that many of these images are proof that these early seances were indeed hoaxes.

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