Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Borley Rectory

A house in England located in Essex near the river Stour that gained the reputation for being the most haunted house in the country due to a series of chilling paranormal events that occured there over the years that received much publicity.

History of hauntings

The Rectory was built back in 1863 by Reverend Henry Bull and several different families lived there until it was destroyed by a large fire in February 1939. Reports of poltergeist activity and other phenomena typical of a haunting were reported there even before anyone had moved in.

In 1930, Reverend Lionel Foyster and his family moved there but left only 5 years later after a staggering 2000 accounts of unexplained paranormal phenomena. Reports ranged from strange writing which appeared with some regularity on the walls of the rooms to sightings of apparitions and ghostly figures moving through the gardens at night - the family were constantly plagued by disturbing supernatural occurrences and events. The figure of a nun, unexplained footsteps, servant bells ringing despite the chords being cut and sightings of a ghostly carriage in the grounds were reported many times.

Investigations and the media

The Rectory was the focus of substantial media attention including the Daily Mirror and investigator Harry Price who conducted a lengthy series of investigations in to the property that made him famous. In 1937 after the Foysters had moved out Price rented the rectory and organised for a series of observers to spend periods of time there and record any paranormal phenomena they encountered. The reports were frequent and varied.

The last people to live in Borley Rectory were Captain William Gregson and his family and after the fire it was believed that the Ghosts had actually moved across the road to the nearby Borley Church. Even after the destruction of the building the strange occurances continued for some time.

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