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Jersey Devil

Name given to a strange creature that was sighted on numerous occasions in the state of New Jersey. Exact descriptions of the creature vary however it was said to be a bipedal horse with wings that walked on two hooves. It is said that the creature was born in 1735 to a human woman and that the baby was described as a 'cursed' child, with the head of a horse, hooved feet, a snake's tail and wings.


The most prominent series of sightings of the creature occured in 1909 when over 100 people reported they'd seen it over a five day period. Hoofprints were also found stretching over a great distance in the snow and the local fire department allegedly fired their hoses at it when they encountered the creature flying above them.

In 1993 a park ranger encountered the creature late at night. He took cover in his car as he observed what he described as a six feet tall dark figure with the head of a deer and two piercing red eyes.

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 Kap Dwa
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