Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Born in France in 1503 Michel de Nostredame originally attended medical college and became a specialist in the Plague. It wasn't until he turned to writing in 1550 however that Nostradamus began to make predicitons about the future. He was twice married and had a total of 8 children.

Nostradamus wrote a substantial number of predictions ranging from weather and crop prospects to war and major events. The technique he claimed to use to predict these events was what he called 'comparative horoscopy' which involved looking at horoscopes and working out when major elements of past events would happen again. It is thought that only 5-10 percent of his predictions have been fulfilled with 100 percent certainty. Most of them have either missed the mark by a wide margin or have been somewhat subjective and open to interpretation.

One prediction he made regarding a 'hister' for example was considered to be evidence of a prediction of Adolf Hitler when in fact 'hister' was a classical name for the river Danube.

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