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Searle, John

Inventor of the "Searle Disc", a device which is alleged to be capable of Anti-Gravity via a rotating metal plate which built up a high electrical charge on the outside rim of the disc.

Early experiments

In 1949 Mr J.R.R. Searl was employed by the midlands electricity board as a electronic and electrical fitter. He was enthusiastic about the subject of electricity though he had no formal education on the subject other than what is required by the job. Unhindered by conventional ideas about electricity he carried out his own investigation into the subject. During work on electrical motors and generators he noticed that a small EMF was produced by spinning metal parts the negative towards the outside and positive towards the rotational axis. In 1950 he experimented with rotating slip rings and measured a small EMF on a conventional meter. He also noticed that when the rings were spinning freely and no current was taken his hair bristled.

His conclusions were that free electrons in the metal were spun out by centrifugal force, a centripetal force being produced by the static field in the metal. He decided to build a generator based on the principal. It had a segmented rotor disc passing through electromagnets at its periphery. The electromagnets were energized from the rotor and were intended to boost the EMF. By 1952 the first generator had been constructed and was about three feet in diameter. It was tested in the open by searl and a friend.

The armature was set in motion by a small engine. The device produced the expected electrical power but at a unexpectedly high potential. At relatively low armature speeds an electrical potential of the order of 10^5 (ten to the power of five) was produced as indicated by the static effects on nearby objects. A characteristic crackling and the smell of ozone supported his conclusion. The really unexpected then occurred - while still speeding up the generator lifted and rose to a height of fifty feet, breaking the union between itself and the engine. Here it stayed for a while still speeding up and surrounding itself with a pink halo - this indicated ionization of the air at a much reduced pressure of about 1-3 mm Hg. More interesting was the side effect causing local radio receivers to go on their own accord. This could have been due to ionizing discharge electromagnetic induction. Finally and perhaps thankfully the whole generator accelerated at a fantastic rate and is thought to have gone off into space. Since that day Searl had made some 10 or more small flying craft some of which have been similarly lost and developed a form of control. Larger craft have also been built - some 12 ft and two 30ft in diameter. The antics of his machines have given rise to much speculation as to the origin of so called "flying saucers" specially in the area of Warminster in Wilshire.

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