Sunday, August 25, 2019
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Image credit: Philippe Semeria


Also Abominable Snowman, Boardman and Tasker Tracks, Shipton Yeti Tracks, Annapurna Footprints.

A large ape-like hominid creature that is believed to live in the forests and mountains of Nepal and Tibet. To the locals the Yeti is a spiritual creature but to cryptozoologists it is one of the most promising of all cryptozoological mysteries and certainly one of the most well known.

Reports and sightings

Like the Bigfoot in North America the Yeti is thought to be a 10-12ft tall ape-like animal covered in fur. There have been numerous sightings over the years, some from credible mountaineers scaling Mount Everest. Colonel Howard-Bury and Major Alan Cameron both led expeditions that reported seeing the Yeti during their climbs in the 1920's. There have also been reports and photographs of alleged Yeti footprints that have been found over miles of open snow. Several recent expeditions to Tibet and Nepal have tried to locate evidence for the creature but to date none have succeeded.

Like with the North American Bigfoot only a physical body will ever satisfy science. While there have been photographs and casts of footprints and other traces of a large creature in the cold Himalayan forests the Yeti remains for the moment a long enduring mystery.

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