Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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Mystery animal photographed on Dartmoor

Posted on Wednesday, 1 August, 2007 | Comment icon 12 comments

Image credit: stockxpert
"A photograph of an animal taken on Dartmoor is "almost certainly" not a big cat, according to a local expert."

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 Source: BBC News

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #3 Posted by Shadow_Wolf on 1 August, 2007, 15:27
Topic already under discussion in the Crypto forum...
Comment icon #4 Posted by Chokmah on 1 August, 2007, 15:41
Topic already under discussion in the Crypto forum... Crypto? You guys got bored with werewolves so turned to actual animals?
Comment icon #5 Posted by swtp on 1 August, 2007, 15:49
I think it looks like a boar,but whatever it is it,s having a really bad hair day! Strange.
Comment icon #6 Posted by Vincent Campion on 1 August, 2007, 19:43
It looks as though it's a humanoid, but on its hands and knees. Though I believe it to be a new type of "shaggy wild boar".
Comment icon #7 Posted by DarkSoldier on 2 August, 2007, 8:24
looks like a small boar to me. Cant really tell though cus image is so small
Comment icon #8 Posted by SaRuMaN on 2 August, 2007, 9:40
Topic already under discussion in the Crypto forum... Threads in the "Main Front Page News" board appear on the main page of the site and are seperate from existing discussions in other areas of the forum.
Comment icon #9 Posted by TheNomad on 8 August, 2007, 17:52
Been proven to be a dog being walked on the Moor and confirmed in the UK press by it's owner last week. Case solved.
Comment icon #10 Posted by Shadow_Wolf on 8 August, 2007, 21:36
Been proven to be a dog being walked on the Moor and confirmed in the UK press by it's owner last week. Case solved. No, been claimed to be a dog... the photos clearly do not depict a fully-grown Newfy
Comment icon #11 Posted by stygeanhue on 10 August, 2007, 22:17
I cant see it. Does any one have a bigger picture?
Comment icon #12 Posted by Zero of Deism on 11 August, 2007, 0:59
I cant see it. Does any one have a bigger picture? I'm wondering the same thing. I don't want to make any conclusions untill I can see it better. But it does look like a wild boar in those pictures.

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