Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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Strange seas - the Flying Dutchman

Posted on Thursday, 9 August, 2007 | Comment icon 5 comments

Image credit: PDPhoto
"In 1880, the future King George V of England and his brother Prince Albert Victor (incidently a suspect in the Jack the Ripper case) saw a ghost ship while serving in the Royal Navy aboard HMS Bacchante."

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 Source: The Paranormal Report

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by MoonPrincess on 9 August, 2007, 16:52
I love the Flying Dutchman! He's my favorite ghost ship ghost. XD Thanks for the article.
Comment icon #2 Posted by TeraLink on 9 August, 2007, 17:05
Awesome. Don't stab the heart. TeraLink Was Here!
Comment icon #3 Posted by Finsup22 on 9 August, 2007, 17:13
King George V is the most noteworthy person out of hundreds said to have seen the Flying Dutchman. Kinda like Jimmy Carter saying he saw UFO's.
Comment icon #4 Posted by rosenrot on 9 August, 2007, 18:43
Kinda like Jimmy Carter saying he saw UFO's. And don't forget Stephen Decatur seeing the Jersey Devil. But this is a classic, one of the most famous phantom ships. And I love it! It's not the only ghost ship; I know of the Mary Celeste, the Carroll A. Deering, the Flaming Ship of Ocracoke, and the numerous other ships that have disapeared in the Devil's Triangle and the Bermuda Triangle. But does anyone else have any other stories and sightings of phantom ships?
Comment icon #5 Posted by jdlsmith on 10 August, 2007, 2:21
Awesome. I didn't know that the Flying Dutchman was a 'real' phantom ship... thought it was entirely made up. Neat to learn the history of sightings and such also. Thanks a bunch! JS

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