Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Briefings and the ethics of contact

Posted on Friday, 25 July, 2008 | Comment icon 4 comments

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"Marshall Vian Summers: Humanity now stands at the threshold of space."

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 Source: Allies of Humanity

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by www375 on 25 July, 2008, 18:34
What???? This reads like a bad short-story from the old OMNI magazine..........................
Comment icon #2 Posted by Sag!ttarius on 25 July, 2008, 20:57
What???? This reads like a bad short-story from the old OMNI magazine.......................... That's the problem with UFOlogy and "exopolitics" Bunch of coooks coming up with "I got a message from race A" and the next one (Komarek for one...) comes up with "Race A don't friggin exists, it's race B doin' the talkin' and it ain't pretty" Then we get the fruitcakes in between, like Theresa Morris with her "evil aliens" stories, David Something with his "Andromedans", Hammond, Jannice Fadely and the other dodo with "The Law Of One" craperonni. Sheeesh! If there's one thing totally discrediting U... [More]
Comment icon #3 Posted by Malakthrin on 25 July, 2008, 21:16
I'm pretty sure that a group of several different intelligent lifeforms would not name their group "The Allies of Humanity". I highly doubt we would be important enough for that kind of recognition. I stopped taking it seriously at the point where it mentioned the creator of all life.
Comment icon #4 Posted by coolpolitealex on 15 September, 2008, 1:07
well" what do you know ",nothing realy, and after reading this, i`m even less sure ,i mean messages from the creation force ,come on" but here am i writing this ,so it just goes to show that we as a race are at some point where contact could happen . but not untill GEORGE BUSH is well gone

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