Friday, April 23, 2021
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Long lost language of the Picts discovered

Posted on Saturday, 3 April, 2010 | Comment icon 10 comments | News tip by: behaviour???

Image credit: D lloyd

Mysterious carved stones dating back to the iron age are thought to depict a long lost ancient language.

Engravings featuring the language have been found dotted around Scotland, if they can be deciphered then the engravings could open up an invaluable window in to the country's early history.

"The ancestors of modern Scottish people left behind mysterious, carved stones that new research has just determined contain the written language of the Picts, an Iron Age society that existed in Scotland from 300 to 843."

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 Source: Discovery News

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Darkwind on 2 April, 2010, 13:58
Cool too bad we can't read it.
Comment icon #2 Posted by GreyWeather on 2 April, 2010, 18:16
Cool too bad we can't read it. * Snip *
Comment icon #3 Posted by Grimmace on 3 April, 2010, 17:25
If the Celtic Knot is now considered to possibly be language, has any formal move been made to compare the Celtic Knots with Khipu, the string and knot-based records of the Incans? Not that they have solved that language either, but similarities between the two might help.
Comment icon #4 Posted by Feuyaer on 3 April, 2010, 18:43
*sigh* Still waiting on those bas-reliefs worshiping Dagon to be uncovered
Comment icon #5 Posted by Paracelse on 4 April, 2010, 5:23
*sigh* Still waiting on those bas-reliefs worshiping Dagon to be uncovered U got to go to the Louvre there is one "lower relieved" Dagon but you know those French, they would place a pic on the web.. go to make the money
Comment icon #6 Posted by Mandrake on 4 April, 2010, 7:56
The Picts were not Celts. Celts came during and after the Roman invasion, and to different parts of Northern Britain. They were, according to Roman records, also of varied appearance and were generally called Picto by the Romans because they painted themselves. It is certain that the Picts did not suddenly appear in 300ad but hark back a long way in pre-history. Studies have concluded that they traded marine tusks with mainland Europe and the Roman Empire was a huge destination for Pictish ivory. Being Scots and with roots in the NE, this subject fascinates me and I take a great deal of pride ... [More]
Comment icon #7 Posted by Mandrake on 4 April, 2010, 8:02
* Snip * Now, now! Only those who call themselves MPs and have their snouts in the trough... :angry2:
Comment icon #8 Posted by hetrodoxly on 4 April, 2010, 14:26
Being Scots and with roots in the NE, this subject fascinates me and I take a great deal of pride in the fact that the Romans could not conquer the Picts. I thought the Romans did conquer the Picts? found nothing they wanted and few to tax so built a series of walls, (the last being Hadrians) to mark the boundary of their northern empire.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Alien Being on 4 April, 2010, 20:05
* Snip * ? Someone has issues.
Comment icon #10 Posted by hetrodoxly on 4 April, 2010, 23:10
? Someone has issues. That was just English, Scottish banter usually no offence is taken on both sides, can't believe it was snipped?

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