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Woman has 20 personalities

Posted on Friday, 30 September, 2011 | Comment icon 30 comments | News tip by: Xanthurion2

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Kim Noble suffers from a rare condition known as split personality disorder and has over 20 alter egos.

Kim's personalities can come forward and take over at any time; including a little boy, a single woman called Abi, a single mother called Bonny and a depressed man in his twenties called Ken. "Coming back after a personality switch is like waking up from a nap. It takes a few seconds of blinking and looking around to get my bearings, to work out who Iím with, where I am, and what Iím in the middle of doing," she says.

"An alter ego called Patricia has been her dominant personality now for more than six years."

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 Source: Daily Mail

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #21 Posted by Mike G on 4 October, 2011, 16:20
I'd say things just took a turn to the improbable in here...
Comment icon #22 Posted by Robbie333 on 4 October, 2011, 19:38
In fact, Kim Noble no longer really exists. She explains: 'To most of the outside world I am Kim Noble, and I'll answer to that name. But the truth is her mind shattered into fragments before she could even talk, leaving numerous alter egos to take over.' Read more: http://www.dailymail...l#ixzz1ZH5oI8dH i don't know if i can believe this I read "Cybil" years ago and became interested in this when I was in college. This is a very painful condition and how these few cases live with it is amazing. To me, all I can say is I feel for her and wish her the best. Sad.
Comment icon #23 Posted by willowdreams on 5 October, 2011, 4:17
I read "Cybil" years ago and became interested in this when I was in college. This is a very painful condition and how these few cases live with it is amazing. To me, all I can say is I feel for her and wish her the best. Sad. I read 'when rabbit howls'.. many things ran through my mind.. and amazingly one of them (amazing as I am agnostic) is how if there is a heaven and judgement day... would it go for her, all of us has one of us.. those with MPD have more then one.. how can one answer for all.. or all answer for one.. if they are different/real personalities (which i think they are) how do... [More]
Comment icon #24 Posted by encouraged on 9 October, 2011, 2:22
Such an unfortunate way to have to get through life. I am glad she is better off than ever and that people have been helpful to her. Sometimes you wonder if it isn't best to give people an opportunity to do it over again under better circumstances. Seems reasonable to me.
Comment icon #25 Posted by PsiSeeker on 10 October, 2011, 2:36
It seems perfectly possible that the brain can do this and I'm not that skeptic of this case to be honest. Take dreams for example, everyone has dreams where they are a different person in a different life doing different things and within the dream it feels perfectly normal. This is normal brain function but we're all capable of it. Even massive differences in dreams don't particularly seem weird. Just last night I had a dream where for whatever reason I was sporting a mohawk. I've had shoulder length hair since high school so you'd think this would trigger some sort of "woah wtf is going on ... [More]
Comment icon #26 Posted by Oen Anderson on 13 October, 2011, 5:32
This is very interesting, I've known some women that had no personality at all. Maybe this is where theirs went.
Comment icon #27 Posted by Wandering on 17 October, 2011, 8:20
If none of you have seen her paintings, check them out here WARNING: The site deals with occult symbolism in Music Videos and such, hopefully you can disregard that if you think It's stupid and just focus on the (creepy) paintings of Kim Noble! Just scroll down to see them. Not happy paintings.
Comment icon #28 Posted by Xanthurion2 on 17 October, 2011, 22:02
thanks wandering. the paintings really give you a different look into the mind(s) of her personalities. it's very depressing and yes very creepy
Comment icon #29 Posted by encouraged on 18 October, 2011, 7:32
Horrid! I can't even imagine what she has been through.
Comment icon #30 Posted by JamesBe1 on 18 October, 2011, 12:21
Horrid! I can't even imagine what she has been through. If you want an idea what she was put through, read Trans-Formation of America: Cathy O'Brian Story Another well worth reading: Sandi's Story

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